Morning Conversational: What Does Chris Chugunov Like About Ohio State’s Offense?

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Today’s Topic: What Does Chris Chugunov Like About Ohio State’s Offense?

Ohio State’s fifth-year senior quarterback Chris Chugunov spent his first three years in college playing in an up-and-down West Virginia offense.

One week, they would be scoring 39 points in a loss, and the next week they’d put up 20 points in a win.

Playing in the wide open Big XII, however, Chugunov saw his fair share of offenses over those first three seasons.

He then saw what life was like at Ohio State when he transferred to OSU last summer.

Sure, there are similarities between the two offenses, but there are distinct differences as well.

“Ball is ball at the end of the day, scheme is scheme,” Chugunov said this spring. “The one thing I can say is Coach Day is brilliant at what he does, the way he has us prepare for the teams. Even last season, I wasn’t taking many reps with the position I was in with Dwayne [Haskins] and Tate [Martell] and all those guys, but I can say just mentally, they have you so prepared here. The philosophies are different, but they overlap a lot too, here. Football is football. The offense and scheme we run here is just awesome.”

What makes this Ohio State offense so “awesome” for a quarterback?

“It’s hard to talk about honestly,” he said. “It’s very complicated. It’s hard to put it in words. There’s always answers for pretty much everything the defense does. And the plays and the communication we have on the offensive side of the ball here is truly elite.”

The answers that Chugunov is talking about can come before or after the snap. And there are often responses within the plays themselves.

“There’s certain plays we run where there’s stuff in the play, built in the play, that changes if something happens on the defensive side of the ball,” he explained. “And there’s some plays where we’re trying to unwind the defense and see what they’re doing, and we can make whatever changes we see fit.”

There is a reason past Buckeye quarterbacks have said it takes a year to learn this offense. Sophomore quarterback Justin Fields won’t be afforded that luxury, but according to Chugunov, the offense is a good complicated, not bad complicated.

“In my experience here, it’s only been good complicated,” he said. “I haven’t experienced bad complicated yet.”

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  1. I believe we have a confident backup in chugnov. he has experience and ability and the tools around him to win.

  2. With him and if we land Gunnar Hoak from KY, that would be a real good trio of QB’s, considering what we loss this past year.

    1. Man, if Fields goes down…we are ROYALLY screwed! And if Fields doesn’t learn the offense and cant throw the ball any better than we have seen we are plain screwed.

      1. I don’t agree with you often, Mr. Perry, but you’re spot-on here.

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