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Michigan Coach Chris Partridge: ‘I’ve got blood in my mouth’

Ohio State 62 Michigan 39 Scoreboard

Thursday was a day of celebration at Ohio State, as the Buckeyes got their Big Ten and Rose Bowl championship rings in the team room of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

The players also got their Gold Pants for beating arch-rival Michigan, 62-39.

At the same time, about 190 miles northwest, things were not quite so chipper inside Schembechler Hall in Ann Arbor.

Michigan Special Teams Coordinator and Safeties coach Chris Partridge opened up on his feelings about last November’s edition of The Game.

TL;DR – He wasn’t thrilled.

“I’ve got blood in my mouth. There’s no qualms about it. For me the motivation is last year,” Partridge said. “I don’t wake up a day and not think about it, that’s for sure. I know (defensive coordinator Don Brown) feels the same way.”

The Buckeyes put up 62 points and 567 yards of total offense that day on what had been the nation’s top-ranked defense.

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins completed 20 passes for 396 yards and six touchdowns on the afternoon. Parris Campbell had six catches for 192 yards and two scores.

But now Haskins and Campbell are gone, and the Buckeyes have to head up to Ann Arbor in November.

There’s no shortage of motivation for Partridge and the Wolverines this season as they look to win The Game for just the third time since 2000.

Near the top of his list was former Michigan assistants Greg Mattison and Al Washington trading in their maize and blue for scarlet and gray in January.

“I want to be candid. Those guys left and it was another shot. It wasn’t okay. That’s how I feel. I’m not speaking for anyone else,” Partridge said.

“I’m ultra-motivated. So I make sure my guys that I get in front of, they hear it. They know that every single day that I wake up, I’m motivated. I want to take this thing, I want to hit it in the mouth, and I want to go get it.”

“I just think each person is motivated their own way. I just know my personal opinion. I’m going to coach harder than I’ve ever imagined I can coach. I’m going to be more aggressive than I ever have before. And we’re going to make sure that scoreboard never looks like it did last year.”

You can watch his full answer below.

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  1. Blood in his mouth? He really ought to have that looked at. Could be something serious!

  2. I’ll say it again – since scUM has only won the game twice since 2000 and one of those losses was during the Fickle season we should be more compassionate as fans. I for one would be more than happy to allow scUM to play on offense with balls that match their jerseys (blue) in recognition for how long they they have endured without satisfaction. While we are at it, can the band learn the Rolling Stones song – I can’t get no -satisfaction? (maybe slip it in after scores in the 4th quarter instead of the fight song)

  3. Wonder what the coach things about the REAL rivalry? You know, the one in East Lansing.

    1. I think this guy’s choice of words clearly illustrates what’s bugging him- and it ain’t Sparty. The frustration is further magnified by the reality that scUM have precious little elsewhere to hang their little winged helmets on (banners claiming fake East Division championships don’t count, and they know it).

  4. Xichigan best be very careful about running their mouths about what they are going to do to OSU. It seems every year somebody from TTUN brags about how great they are and ends up getting their butt handed to them. I look for OSU to quietly go about doing what they do and notch another win at TTUN.

  5. Sorry coach got his fee fees hurted. Hold us under 60 this year – then celebrate like you do your September Heismans.

  6. I’m gona huff and puff, and blow your house down ! LOL

  7. He can have blood in his mouth all he wants. As long as his O is stuck in the mid 90’s, mode, expect more of the same. That top rank D did not face a top 30 passing O all year. The other reality is that OSU could have easily racked up another 7-17 pts in that game. His mouth got bloodier when a mediocre FL also smacked MI around. He needs to be careful, because his D lost at least 3 stellar players, not that they did much against OSU on that day, besides being ‘exposed.’

  8. Tom Orr,is that from a good source? I don’t think warinner was willing to go back to a lesser role.His contract was up I believe as well, would have been his 4th contract for 2017/18. Partridge looks like he needs to hit the gym.

    1. That is more or less an open secret around the program.

      But even without that, you do not willingly go from Co-Offensive Coordinator at Ohio State to line coach at Minnesota.

      And it wasn’t a coincidence that Tim Beck left that offseason, either.

  9. That punch in the mouth from November still bleeding? Muhahahaha

  10. I’m trying to remember, where did ED WARINNER coach before the moved on to Michigan?

    1. That’s a little different.

      He was at Minnesota between OSU and UM. And leaving Columbus was not entirely his decision.

  11. I just checked- talk is still cheap. You can buy it for nothing on NYSE. Sounds like another scUM clown who is shy a few chromosomes.

    1. Now that their LBs will not be coached so well as ours, the beatings are gonna get WORSE! You said it well, Longtime!

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