Watch: The Room — Upholding the Buckeye RB Legacy

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Being a running back at Ohio State is one of the marquee jobs in all of college football.

That fact isn’t taken lightly by Buckeyes’ running backs coach Tony Alford, and he has made sure to imprint that upon every player that he coaches.

The video below details Alford’s lessons, as well as the feelings that his past and present players have for their coach and for his coaching style.

Ohio State’s social media team is arguably the best in the nation and this apparent series is just one more example why.

In the video below, former players Ezekiel Elliott and Mike Weber express what Alford has done for them, as does returning starter JK Dobbins.

There are also clips of Alford coaching his players this spring, including true freshman Marcus Crowley, who is told “if the ball is on the ground, you will never play.

Weber said Alford was like a second father to him, and Dobbins said Alford is always there for him.

Alford, meanwhile, says that coaching in his early days was about winning, but now it’s about mentorship.

It’s one part history lesson, one part spring glimpse, and one part recruiting showcase.

All of it is worth watching.

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  1. Had to dig deep to see that #23 in the vid is Marcus Crowley, Frosh, early enrollee.

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