Watch: The Room — ‘Being Elite Is a Choice’ for OSU Receivers

Brian Hartline Ohio State Football Buckeyes

The stellar Ohio State social media crew has put together their latest edition of “The Room,” which features assistant coach Brian Hartline and his wide receivers.

In the video, clips are shown of Hartline working with his group this spring, as well as him talking about what the culture of ‘Zone 6’ entails.

Hartline explains why the receiver room is so important to the Ohio State offense, which is why they take it so seriously.

Departing receivers Terry McLaurin, Parris Campbell, and Johnnie Dixon are also featured in the video expressing what they have learned by being attached to Hartline’s hip, as well as what makes him different than other coaches.

As you might expect, it’s an informative and interesting watch.

If you missed the previous edition about the running backs, you can catch that here.

For now, here’s Zone 6.

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  1. So glad that Brian Hartline has come home to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.
    Go Buckeyes.

  2. The best leaders lead from the front not the back. Welcome change from strip club Willy.

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