Morning Conversational: What Have Teammates Seen From Garrett Wilson?

Garrett Wilson and Jaelen Gill Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Today’s Topic: What Have Teammates Seen From Garrett Wilson?

Even though he enrolled early, Garrett Wilson’s repetutation still preceded him at Ohio State.

Ranked the No. 2 wide receiver in the 2019 recruiting class, Wilson arrived at OSU with more expectations than most.

Essentially from his first day, however, he has done a great job of living up to those expectations.

The football season is still a long way off, of course, and living up to expectations any time before September is kind of like having a great batting practice — it looks nice, but has no effect on the scoreboard.

Still, you’d rather have a player looking good in the offseason than looking bad, and when it comes to Garrett Wilson, his teammates have liked what they’ve seen so far.

“I’ve seen a lot of growth from Garrett,” said senior receiver KJ Hill. “From the day he walked in and the offseason training to spring football. I feel like the main area he developed was as a person. He’s growing up already from a little boy to a man. And I feel like that’s why he’s making those plays. He’s humble, he’s soaking up everything in camp and learning. That’s all he wants to do is learn, and he’s coachable.”

Having rankings and accolades are nice in high school, but they can sometimes get you in trouble in college. If players believe their own hype, they will soon have their thoughts proven wrong.

Walking around a football facility like a 5-star prospect is a sure way to get knocked down a peg or two. It’s like wearing your high school varsity jacket to your first college party. It’s not going to go well for you.

Fortunately, Wilson took the proper approach this spring. He kept his head down and let his play provide the dialogue. Everybody saw his touchdown catch in the spring game. His teammates saw it as well, and for them it was hardly the first time.

Sophomore quarterback Justin Fields was asked after the spring what stood out most about Wilson, and he talked about that catch as an example of what he had noticed most.

“Yeah, he’s definitely a prime-time player, but I would say how strong his hands are,” Fields said. “He also had that play where he got up on that fade route. He’s been doing that all spring. That’s not news. Nobody on the team is surprised by that. We were all just like, ‘Yeah, we knew that was going to happen.’”

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