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Watch: The Room — Buckeye DBs Moving ‘Faster and Faster and Faster and Faster’

Ohio State Buckeyes football defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley

The stellar Ohio State social media crew has put together their latest edition of “The Room,” which features defensive backs coach and co-defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley and assistant secondary coach Matt Barnes talking about the process of creating a cohesive secondary.

Hafley and Barnes have only been at Ohio State since January, so there has been almost as much learning as teaching for them, but this spring was a big step forward for a secondary that was under fire all season last year.

In the video Hafley explains that the OSU secondary needs reps and understanding of the defense so that they don’t even have to be concerned about what the opponent is running.

It’s about knowing your job and doing it “faster and faster and faster and faster.”

“It’s about lining up across from the guy and beating the crap out of him. And we’re going to do it every single play.”

The video shows Hafley teaching different techniques, and it also features former All-Pro NFL cornerback Richard Sherman vouching for Hafley’s style.

Barnes and Hafley also talk about how quickly this group has become a family.

It’s an interesting watch and you should definitely check it out. If you are looking for previous editions of The Room, you can find them below.

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  1. Every year we hear how great the DBs are, and for 2-3 years now it’s been disappointing. I like reading the rhetoric, but I’ve never once heard a coach actually say, “we’re not that good this year, we’re slow, we’re lacking…yada yada yada.” So, I now wait and watch them in actual games. I kinda sorta think that’s the measuring stick.

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