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Watch: The Room — The Power of ‘Coach J’

Larry Johnson Ohio State Buckeyes

The stellar Ohio State social media crew has put together their latest edition of “The Room,” which this time features defensive line coach Larry Johnson and several of his current and former players talking about what it takes to succeed at Ohio State and in life.

In the video, Johnson talks about the need to love the game in order to succeed.

“When you’re passionate about something, it lives inside of you.”

He explains that the opportunity to make players better is what drives him, and his players talk about how much Johnson motivates them to get better.

Past players like Tyquan Lewis and Jalyn Holmes, and current players like Jonathon Cooper and Chase Young, explain how much Johnson developed them as players and as men.

They also talk about the legacy that came before them and the legacy they want to leave behind.

As with the other iterations of The Room, this one is definitely worth the watch.

The Room

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The Running Backs

The Wide Receivers

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  1. They just don’t come any better than the Mentor. When you walk into this man’s room to be a player the first thing you’ll learn is that to be a great player, you have to be a great man first. When he recruits a HS kid he watches everything they do, and researches everything there is to know about that kid. If that kid isn’t 100% ready to become a man than he doesn’t have the time to waste on him. He’ll move along until he finds guys who ARE ready. He’ll mentor them to become men and multiply that until they become great men. When they enter his program, he possesses the technical skills to develop those men into great players, and even elite players. He prepares the whole man. By the time these men leave his program they are armed with a knowledge base of life, and footballs very best lessons. That’s what makes him the Mentor. He holds nothing back, always paying forward through the development of great men. HIS reward is their success.

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