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Watch: The Room — Linebackers Are the Tip Of the Spear

Al Washington Ohio State Linebackers Coach Buckeyes

The stellar Ohio State social media crew has put together their latest edition of “The Room,” which features assistant coach Al Washington and his linebackers.

In the video, Washington talks about how he plans to hold the Buckeye linebackers accountable, but also how the pride the players should have playing the position will provide accountability as well.

Washington says that his job is to get his players to reach their maximum potential emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The other purpose that he serves is to provide energy for his players and teach them how to create it for themselves as well.

This is Washington’s first season with the Buckeyes, and as the son of an Ohio State linebacker, he understands what this position means to the program and the fans.

Washington also describes what the term “Silver Bullets” means to him, which transitions into him asking sophomore linebacker Dallas Gant for more violence during practice.

Check it out. It gives good insight into the entire Ohio State program, but also the Buckeye linebackers as well.

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