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PHOTO GALLERY: Summer At Ohio State

The Ohio State University campus

Summer semester at Ohio State might be the most underrated time of year to be on campus.

Fall is the unquestioned king of the seasons in Columbus. You’ve got football and those incredible cool, crisp days.

Spring isn’t far behind. Anyone who has attended a single class at OSU probably also has fond memories of not attending a single class on the first truly glorious spring day at some point during their four-ish years on campus.

But summer has its own charm.

Campus isn’t nearly as busy as it is during the bulk of the school year. Things move a little slower, but the school and the city around it still feature all of the things that make it great from August to May.

This is a look around campus on a typical summer day.

Start with a walk up High Street. It probably looks a little (READ: a lot) different than it does in your memory, but you’ll undoubtedly recognize a few landmarks.

Turning onto Lane Ave., that weird concrete tunnel thing is still in front of that apartment building, as it will be for the rest of eternity.

Tommy’s is still serving up pizzas and The Thirsty Scholar is still quenching the thirst of scholars. And while there’s a huge new luxury development between the Varsity Club and that old barn-looking gameday party house, those old standbys are still there too.

But not all of the classics are still around. Mama’s Pasta and Brew is gone, its former home sitting sad and empty behind chain link fencing.

Plenty of the old campus landmarks are still there. The numbers are still outside the Math Tower.

Mirror Lake looks a little more enticing to jump into than it does in November, and the area around the Horseshoe looks a little greener than it does during Michigan week, too.

And don’t worry; even 194 days after last year’s edition of The Game, there are still some Ms crossed out on signs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. Haven’t been back to campus for at least 10 years. My how High Street has changed. Maybe, if you could, take some photos of what the campus looks like across the street on 12th up to 18th, or just a little beyond that, e.g., Law School, Mershon Auditorium, College of Education. It would be wonderful to get an idea of how this looks. And what does Stradley Hall and that complex of dorms look like nowadays?
    Oh, I want to go back to Ohio State, to ol’ Columbus grounds! Gotta go back to O-HI-O.
    Thanks, Alumni 1966.

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