Morning Conversational: Does Ryan Day Worry About Expectations?

Ohio State Buckeyes football head coach Ryan Day

Today’s Topic: Does Ryan Day Worry About Expectations?

In every job that Ryan Day — or anybody — has ever had, there have been expectations.

When Day was a graduate assistant for Urban Meyer in 2005, there were expectations put upon him by his head coach. He met and then exceeded those expectations and all of the others to follow over the next dozen years.

When he was hired as Ohio State’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2017, the expectations kicked up a few notches.

As the head coach for fall camp and three games last season, Day prepared the team and kicked off the season in a winning fashion.

The season could have been sidetracked by a loss to TCU in Texas in the third game of the season, but those kinds of thoughts never bore themselves into Day’s thinking.

Now as the full-blown man in charge at Ohio State, Day has more expectations and more pressure on him than ever before, but his mentality has remained the same.

“A lot of people come up and they say, ‘A lot of pressure,’ or they start talking about the expectations. That’s a big thing that I get a lot,” Day said this week. “It’s been the same thing all along. I say you can’t worry about that. And people ask me what if you don’t beat the team up north, what if you don’t win the Big Ten championship or a national championship, and I always come back with, ‘Well, what if I do?'”

Only fools move up the career ladder unaware of the expectations they are climbing into. Those people don’t last long. The great ones see the opportunity ahead of them because this was hardly their first ladder.

Ryan Day has been climbing towards this moment for most of his professional life. He didn’t know it would take him to Ohio State, but his own expectations drove him to keep climbing.

“And that’s the mentality I’ve always had,” he said. “Maybe it goes back to what happened when I was young and nothing was guaranteed in life. That’s always the way I’ve been. So let’s go play. Let’s try to maximize the day the best we can, and we’re not going to be hesitant about anything.”

And he is bringing that same attitude to his football program.

“We’re not going to be apprehensive,” he said. “We’re going to go after people and be aggressive because that’s the way I think you’ve got to live life. You’ve got to be aggressive that way. To start getting anxiety or worry about losing is not going to happen.”

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  1. I really like Day and truly believe he’s going to continue taking Ohio State to greatness. I love his mentality.

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