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It’s the final off-season monthly installment of the Silver Bullets Podcast, meaning we return to you in August with weekly episodes, starting with a two-part season preview and then we’ll be in the thick of the 2019 Ohio State football season. But…before that happens, we’re here to talk about B1G Media Days and some of the current news in college football.

Lots of people said lots of things recently and we’re here to say some things about the things they said. Confused yet? I sure am, but that’s my natural state. Chip and I discuss declining attendance in college football and what Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald said about it. We think he’s mostly wrong, but also there are elements about which he’s kind of right.

B1G Commissioner Jim Delany said some things we really wish he’d have said right after Ohio State won the championship at the end of the 2018 regular season. It seems a bit late and comes off as a bit disingenuous to say them now. (Those “things” being the importance of conference games, strength of schedule, and winning a conference championship when considering who should be in the College Football Playoff.)

Jim Harbaugh said some dumb things, but that’s nothing new. We talk about what those dumb things are and what makes them dumb. Harbaugh’s a bit of a weird dude, but that’s good for the rivalry.

Ryan Day said some things about the quarterbacks and linebackers on his team. We talk about that, too. Plus, we chat about some of the rule changes for this season and how they probably won’t really fix anything.

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  1. Not sure I agree with everything Pat Fitz said..but many of his points are completely valid. You have to see it..unless your staring at your phones as well. The kids we interview for jobs are awful at communication. They do it all with their thumbs. Whether couples care to talk at dinner is one thing..but to see parents ignoring their kids as they stare at their phones is an issue imo.

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