Tuf Borland, Malik Harrison On Butkus Watch List

Tuf Borland Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State linebackers Tuf Borland and Malik Harrison were two of 51 linebackers around the country named to the Butkus Award Watch List on Monday.

The award is given annually to the nation’s top linebacker.

Harrison, a senior, tied for the team lead with 81 tackles last season. He had three games of double-digit tackles in 2018, which was his first year as a starter.

Borland, a fourth-year junior, finished second on the team with 67 tackles last season despite recovering from an Achilles injury in the spring.

He led all Buckeye linebackers with 9.0 tackles for loss last season, and his two forced fumbles were tied for the team lead.

Two Buckeyes have won the award, which began in 1985.

Andy Katzenmoyer was the first in 1997, and he was then followed 10 years later by James Laurinaitis.

Former Buckeye Raekwon McMillan won the high school version of the award in 2013.

Here is the watch list for college and high school in its entirety.

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  1. You neither one no anything about an Achilles injury. It is debilitating. Sorry anyone who know nothing about the effects of that injury would not understand that word. All of you so called experts do not know how it effects lateral movement and speed and quickness. I blame it on Urban and dumb ass Bill Davis for even letting him play. Then there was was Schiano’s scheme that put the linebackers in and his n the heels of the D linemen.
    Give it it break people. Sick of your stupidity, a total lack of common sense.

    1. I thought all last season that Borland was not fully recovered from his Achilles injury and that kept him from performing as well as he can. If he is fully recovered by this August 31, I believe he will be a major contributor.

    2. I agree with the realities of an Achilles injury, it can render even the greatest of athletes pretty much looking like untrained head scratchers on the field of play.

      Tuf Borland never should had seen the field last year. The majority of his plays were after the play was over in favor of the opponent. I understand a guy wanting to contribute to the team and wanting to play, but, not when he’s below 100% and a detriment to the teams efficiency.

      If they are basing their projections based off of a sub standard level of linebacker play at Ohio State, on a defense that stunk up college football…….the prognosticators need their heads examined. There were 2 rail cars full of linebackers in CFB who performed far better.

      Malik Harrison earned his way onto the watch list by playing outstanding football in the back half of the season.

      I hope Tuf’s Achilles is healed up because 2 years ago when called on he performed very well. If he can return to that level, great. But those adding him to a watch list like this is basing their idea on assumption, not results. The hardest part isn’t even the injury……it’s the mental aspects. Some guys just never recover between the ears.

      We’ll know shortly when the games start. Like I said, I hope he’s back to 2017 form. But right now it’s just hope and assumption.

  2. I’m 100% with Christopher. How Borland ever made the watch list, in itself, is no less than astonishing to me. I seriously doubt the committee consists of former players who watched all of his film from last year, as he constantly was outrun on the edge by guys on whom he had the angle. Oh well, one of life’s mysteries.

  3. If Borland wins The Butkus I will be totally astonished and it will represent the most improvement anyone has ever made in life…ever!

    1. Lol I’d say that the Boren brother who transferred from Wish-I-Can represented the greatest life improvement ever?

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