Buckeye Watch: Ohio State Rains Down TDs on RedHawks

Javontae Jean-Baptiste Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State scored 42 points in the second quarter of Saturday’s 76-5 win over the Miami RedHawks.

The carnage was indescribable.

Actually, it was very describable.

Amazing. Ridiculous. Impressive. Cheeky.

It all works.

I’m going to assume this is the first 76-5 score in Buckeye football history.

Justin Fields was once again very good. The offensive line was very stout. The defense was very defensive. And Jameson Williams was very, very fast.

I can’t say I paid great attention to the second half of the game because I never do for spring games, but I’m still going to give you the best I got for this week’s Buckeye Watch.

2:22 I can’t believe the FCC hasn’t pulled the plug on FOX for airing this Wisconsin murder of the Michigan Wolverines.

2:29 “Nothing cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.” — Woody Hayes

3:22 I’m sorry I haven’t been very attentive to this Buckeye Watch, but I’ve been watching the Michigan game and it’s just too gruesome to talk about.

3:31 Shea Patterson just fumbled. I’m starting to think that he may not be the answer for the Wolverines.

3:39 Ohio State wins the toss and Miami will receive. At least I think OSU won the toss. Maybe Miami won it and was like, “Let’s just get our offense out here as quickly as possible because we don’t want to be here any longer than we need to be.”

3:42 Miami is finding some room against the Buckeyes. They just had a guy break free down the sideline but quarterback Brett Gabbert was unable to make Ohio State pay.

3:43 Davon Hamilton tackles the running back in the backfield. I think I talk every week about how underrated Davon Hamilton is. How often can you do that before you start overrating him?

3:44 Jeff Okudah gets lost and gives up a 12-yard gain. It’s amazing how little the Buckeye defense has to pay for “getting lost” this year. That was a complete breakdown in coverage and it didn’t even go 15 yards.

3:45 Okudah breaks up the third-down pass. Keep chucking it. It’s probably your only hope. Miami’s punt pins the Buckeyes at their own 2-yard line.

3:48 After a loss of one yard by JK Dobbins on first down, the Buckeyes are now 99 yards away from a touchdown. Justin Fields drops back…and there goes my shutout. He gets the ball knocked out of his hand and it bounces out of bounds to give Miami the 2-0 lead. RedHawks head coach Chuck Martin should have the team pose on the sideline with the scoreboard in the background.

3:49 Thanks for ruining my 52-0 prediction, by the way. Couldn’t even make it four minutes before this team gave up a deuce.

3:51 Gabbert ducks under a Chase Young sack and throws the ball away. Damon Arnette and the intended receiver are barking back and forth. Arnette is probably telling him that Miami is lucky they don’t have a taller quarterback.

3:52 Miami picks up the first down on an option pitch.

3:54 Another speed option pitch on third down, this time against Zach Harrison. Where are the defenders out wide? Miami is making some waves against this defense. They clearly saw something leading up to this game.

3:56 What Gabbert lacks in accuracy he makes up for in free footballs to the ticket holders.

3:56 Third and eight from the 9-yard line. Pete Werner gets called for pass interference in the end zone. Very good plan of attack with the early script for the RedHawks.

3:59 Miami is lining up for a field goal, but they should either fake it or go for it. You get all of this momentum to only lead 5-0, and in three minutes OSU will come down and score to get the lead back. Miami kicks it and leads 5-0.

4:00 I don’t know if this has been lax effort from the defense or just a game plan win so far for Miami. I know it’s definitely partly the latter.

4:03 At this point Ohio State has to run the ball just to give their defense a rest.

4:06 The Buckeyes move right down the field and JK Dobbins caps the drive with a 26-yard touchdown run for the second week in a row. The drive lasted all of seven plays and took just 2:09. So I apologize to Chuck Martin for saying it would take Ohio State three minutes to capture the lead. Buckeyes lead it 7-5. The bear has been successfully poked.

4:11 Miami picks up 23 yards on a sweep. They have found some things spreading this team out wide. Ohio State will have to get that fixed for next week because Nebraska has wide speed for days.

4:17 Justin Fields takes a coverage sack. Two receivers were running routes while a tight end stayed in the flats as an outlet. This has been about the only kind of sack the Ohio State offensive line has given up over the last three games.

4:21 Another completion on Jeff Okudah. This has been an odd game for him.

4:21 Third and one. Haskell Garrett gets in there and stops it for no gain. Impressive how guys just keep stepping up on the defensive line. They’re down four guys right now and they still may have the best defensive line in the Big Ten.

4:27 Justin Fields flings it down the sideline to an open KJ Hill who escapes a tackler for a 53-yard touchdown. He spun the corner around on that route and the defense had no shot. That was an easy pitch and catch. Buckeyes lead it 14-5. Longest play for either of those guys? Indeed it was as just confirmed by Ohio State.

4:30 And now Brett Gabbert overthrows a receiver and Jeff Okudah comes up with his first career interception. Gabbert is getting less accurate by the throw.

4:33 Justin Fields keeps it and walks in after a quick turn to the right. Touchdown Ohio State. Fields is becoming very effective down there. Buckeyes lead it 21-5 and their last two touchdowns have been separated by just 32 seconds.

4:37 Whoa! Haskell Garrett blasts through the line of scrimmage to drop running back Tyre Shelton for a loss of three yards. Then does it on the next play as well after getting knocked to the ground. And now Miami is looking at a third and 15.

4:39 They do not pick up the first down. Miami will punt.

4:39 Nice corner route to Jeremy Ruckert for 24 yards. They tried that with Jake Hausmann a week or two ago but it didn’t work. There sure are a lot of guys to throw to on this team.

4:40 Demario McCall just stiff armed a dude to the ground. That might be his first plant of his career. That has to be a Buckeye leaf.

4:41 Fields goes deep to an open Binjimen Victor, but it gets knocked down before it could reach Victor. He didn’t make any effort to come back for the ball, which was underthrown. I’m assuming he will hear about that one after the game.

4:42 Garrett Wilson loses a yard on a screen. I understand he is tough to tackle, but he’s also tough to defend downfield. Just throw it up to him and let him bring it down. Let him be the red zone weapon we all know he is.

4:43 Fields scrambles, dips and dodges, then spins away — THAT’S BRAXTON MILLER! Wait, no, it’s Braxton Miller’s younger cousin Juxton. Juxton Miller picks up about eight and then falls to the turf.

4:46 Fourth and two. The Buckeyes line up under center. Could this possibly be a sneak? It is! Fields picks up FOUR YARDS with a QB sneak. There, all of Buckeye Nation’s problems are gone. The quarterback sneak has been activated. And if it’s that effective, they could also start running it on first down.

4:51 Fields keeps it again and vultures another touchdown from JK Dobbins. Buckeyes lead it 28-5. We’re not even halfway through the second quarter yet. Miami should have never gotten that safety. Nobody makes Ohio State bleed their own blood.

4:53 There are now four linebackers on the field for Ohio State. And four defensive linemen. Okay.

4:54 Uh oh, Damon Arnette is down. I think it’s a cramp. Mickey Marotti comes out to check on him, they tell him it’s a cramp before he even gets to Arnette and he probably walks away in disgust. “Has he even been checking the color of his pee,” Marotti angrily thinkshouts in his head.

4:57 Oh dear lord. Chase Young with the strip sack. Ohio state recovers. Malik Harrison recovered it. Stole it from Tyler Friday. College football might want to revisit the rulebooks and maybe borrow from Little League and the way they limit starting pitchers and only allow Young to play in two quarters per game.

5:00 Chris Olave with the 13-yard touchdown from Justin Fields. Knocks out two of my predictions right there — Olave with the touchdown and Fields over 150-something in the first half.

5:02 Chris Olave is rarely covered well. It’s 35-5 and you’ve got time for another touchdown here with 5:06 remaining.

5:04 Third and nine. Baron Browning threw Maurice Thomas down like a UPS driver delivering a package to your porch.

5:05 Blocked punt! This time it’s Sevyn Banks. Well, the blocked punt means that OSU is going to win this game now. Their record is uncanny when blocking a punt.

5:06 Great run and catch for the touchdown by Austin Mack, but it’s coming back because they whistled Jonah Jackson for a hold. You can take the boy out of Rutgers, but you can never take the Rutgers out of the boy. Wow, that was a terrible call. Looks like somebody hasn’t been paying the refs his “protection money.”

5:07 Second and 20. Fields drops back and throws an incompletion. He had Binjimen Victor on a deep post with a bit of touch.

5:08 Third and 20. Fields drops back and waits until the last moment before hitting Victor on the deep post in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. Great catch by Victor to get one foot in. Fields didn’t have time for touch on that one. It was a lasered rope, which sounds like something out of WestWorld. Buckeyes lead it 42-5 with 2:15 to play. That drive took all of 26 seconds.

5:10 For the second week in a row an Ohio State blocked punt has completely changed the complexion of the game!

5:11 Oh no. Chase Young with another forced fumble and sack. Ohio State recovers it at the Miami 33-yard line with over two minutes to play. There is a flag after the play. Unsportsmanlike conduct on No. 27. Eddie George? I watched Reggie Bush get USC flagged Friday night. Now Eddie George is getting flagged? And at what point is it no longer cool to wear your own jersey to a game? These older players need to just get out of the spotlight and let the younger players have their time. I respect Eddie George, but this is just sad to watch. A once great legend reduced to who knows what down on the field. That’s too bad.

5:12 The quarterback’s natural enemy is Chase Young, by the way.

5:16 Fourth and three from the Miami 26-yard line. Fields drops back, gets all kinds of time to throw, avoids a sack, escapes the pressure and finds Rashod Berry for the first down. That’s a helluva play by Fields because he didn’t have a lot of room to move in the pocket.

5:17 Touchdown Chris Olave, his fourth on the season. This one came from 10 yards out. That was a perfect throw over the defender’s hands. Reminds me of the one-inch drill we saw the Buckeyes working on in practice a couple of years ago. Justin Fields has now accounted for six touchdowns in this half. The six touchdowns used to be a record for a game, but I’m not sure if Dwayne Haskins or JT Barrett have bettered that number. Ohio State leads it 49-6.

5:19 Miami takes a knee. Cowards!

5:23 I’ve never seen a second quarter like that. The Buckeyes scored 42 points. They outgained Miami 252 to negative 7. That was a level of domination that is so loud that you might tend to tune it out because it’s just too overwhelming to the senses.

5:25 Perhaps the most amazing stat from the second quarter is that Miami had the ball for 7:37 and Ohio State had it for 7:23.

5:30 By the way, a note of clarification has been passed along up here in the press box. It was not No. 27 on the unsportsmanlike conduct, it was No. 1 — Jeff Okudah. With that said, I would like to take this time to offer my sincere apology to Eddie George for anything that I may have said that was reactionary or inflammatory or ignorant or upsetting to either him or his family. My job here is often to be reactionary or inflammatory or ignorant, but I should have known better in this instance.

5:41 Ooh, Jameson Williams is back to return the opening kick of the second half. He takes a knee eight yards deep. He should always be allowed to return kicks no matter how deep in the back of the end zone he catches it. Let’s watch him run!

5:42 The entire second-team offense is in, led by quarterback Chris Chugunov. Let’s see if they can finally put some points on the board. I can’t promise there is going to be much to “Buckeye Watch” from this, but I will soldier on.

5:45 Buckeyes go three and out. I feel like my prediction of 52 points might be out of reach right now.

5:47 Hey, Garrett Wilson is in the game at punt return. Uh oh, he’s weaving and gets some very nice blocks. He’s got some room and takes it down to the 12-yard line. That was 52 yards on the return. He’s starting to look like a difference maker.

5:48 Master Teague fumbles it inside the red zone. Miami recovers. That’s not what you want from your backup running back, but at least it’s his first fumble.

5:58 Chugz goes deep to Garrett Wilson and that dude is wicked. The ball was underthrown and he went up and around the defender, gathered the ball in, then hit the ground and watched the ball pop back up into the air, but he was still able to grab it and secure it for the 38-yard touchdown catch. He turns 50/50 balls into 80/20 balls. Buckeyes lead it 56-5 and the backups are gaining some confidence. I think that’s Chugunov’s first touchdown pass at Ohio State.

6:15 Is this still the third quarter? Is it the second third quarter? I’ve got a gamer to write, so I may not be my normally attentive self.

6:20 Chugz on the rollout to Marcus Crowley for the 7-yard touchdown. That play has been unstoppable this year. JK Dobbins caught one of those last week. Ohio State leads it 63-5 and there is still 17 minutes left in this game. South stands is empty. Students know they can’t be caught by their parents watching stuff like this. “We don’t pay your tuition so that you can watch this kind of smut.”

6:25 Gunnar Hoak and Steele Chambers are now in the backfield.

6:27 Hoak finds Jameson Williams on a little in route and he spins around and is gone. That’s Ted Ginn Jr. Jr. right there. Been waiting to see that from Williams since the first time I saw his high school film. That’s game-breaking speed. Just wait until he’s ready to be an every-down guy. By the way, congrats to Gunnar Hoak on his first touchdown pass as a Buckeye. That has to be great for both him and his entire family. And it’s especially nice because it will look like a 61-yard bomb in the box score.

6:28 Okay, 70 points is enough for today. There is still 13:59 to play, so I may end up missing six more touchdowns yet, but we’ve done enough. Thanks for reading.

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  1. To Kelly Green,
    SEC teams like Bama and Clemson etc play “cupcake” teams every season

    1. Yeah Alabama normally plays some weak school the week before the iron bowl.

  2. Gerd!
    Leading rusher. Man of Steele Chambers. First career score. No love? C’mon!

  3. I wonder do you celebrate when a college team plays the equivalent of a JV high School team? This game was an embarrassment to football as a whole. I understand the reasoning behind scheduling such a team ” it was mandatory ” but I do question whether this game hurt or help the buckeyes?

    1. Well considering no one was injured on the OSU side, it didn’t hurt them. And game reps vs another team is always a good way to build your bench.

    2. Starting to look like having Michigan on our schedule could hurt the Buckeyes, at the rate the Wolverines are sucking.

    3. Kelly I wonder, when will you move out of moms basement. Troll

    4. Well the buckeyes went from #6 to #5 in the AP poll today. So I guess it didn’t hurt them. Miami, OH is an FBS school just like the other Miami school in Florida in case you didn’t know.

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