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The Grumpy Old Buckeye: Ohio State vs. Miami (OH)

It’s Grumpy Old Buckeye time — your weekly dose of negativity, even if things generally are going well. I can find the dark cloud around any silver lining and this is where I tell you about kinds of things that make me want to walk out onto my lawn in my bathrobe and yell at people about it. This week, we’re discussing Ohio State’s home match-up with Miami University.

Blown Coverage Early

Jeff Okudah jumped inside and left James Maye open on the game’s third play. Thankfully the throw from Brett Gabbert was behind the receiver and incomplete on what could have been a huge early play for the RedHawks.

In fact, it was a difficult first few sets of downs for Okudah but he recovered from it and nearly intercepted a pass, which is also something to be grumpy about because yet again a Buckeye let a pick slip through his hands.

Fields’ First Turnover

Justin Fields entered Saturday without having committed a turnover. That quickly changed on Ohio State’s first drive. After starting a drive inside their own 5-yard line, the Buckeyes tried a pass on second down. J.K. Dobbins couldn’t block his man and the ball was knocked out of Fields’ hand and out of the end zone for a Miami safety, giving the visitors the early 2-0 lead.

Dobbins’ blocking in pass protection broke down on other occasions in this game as well. One such example was just after a second-quarter quarterback sneak, when Fields had to scramble out of the pocket to avoid a sack. So, that’ll be something Dobbins will need to clean up in a hurry as tougher games loom on the schedule.

Chase’s Whiff

Chase Young’s day didn’t start great as he missed an easy sack on the second play of Miami’s second possession. He fell for the old “duck” play, in which the quarterback fools the onrushing defender by continuing to stand in the same place but bending over, thereby becoming completely invisible to the naked eye. Scientific studies show that defensive players cannot see you if you bend over at the waist. As a result of this dastardly “duck” trickery, Young completely missed Gabbert and was forced to look silly, which is a crushing punishment for a male under 25 years of age.

Lack of Urgency

The Ohio State approach to the game really boils down to a team that just expected to show up and win. This allowed Miami to play toe-to-toe with them and put the defense on its heels. I’ll credit the RedHawks for catching Ohio State in some unfavorable defensive match-ups early in the game, but the fact that the Buckeyes were not winning the battle at the line of scrimmage means they simply weren’t mentally prepared for a team they deemed a lesser opponent. When Doug Costin threw an “O-H” up after sacking Justin Fields, it served as a catalyst that led to a 42-0 run by the Buckeyes to end the half. Ohio State should not need to be disrespected by a cupcake to turn things on.

Defense Gets Flanked

Ohio State’s defense gave up yardage early on the edge, including a 23-yard run on the first play after the OSU touchdown gave the Buckeyes a 7-5 lead. That’s when good teams should crush any hope from a lesser opponent. Instead, the long run allowed Miami to get out to midfield in just one play. While the Buckeyes did indeed roll after that, it was not the response you  want out of the defense after the offense finally gets things going. Also, it will be an area for the OSU coaches to address because if better and faster teams can attack Ohio State’s edges, that could be a problem.

Demario’s Fair Catch

Late in the first quarter, Damario McCall called for a fair catch on a punt with at least 15 yards of open ground between himself and the nearest Miami gunner. With only two men to beat, McCall may have been able to create a big play on special teams but instead he played it safe without really needing to do so.

The “Hold”

Starting guard Jonah Jackson was called for holding in the second quarter, nullifying a touchdown pass from Fields to Austin Mack. Jackson’s infraction was softer than clothes treated with the Downy that Jim Harbaugh shills on television while his team is getting waxed by Wisconsin. Jackson’s defender was already beyond Fields and was losing his balance. Jackson merely gave him a push to help him down and never physically grabbed the defender at all.

Calling a Penalty on Eddie

Following Chase Young’s second strip sack of the day, the referees threw a flag and called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on No. 27. Ohio State does not have one, so presumably they thought Eddie George said something unspeakable or shoved someone after the play. It turned out that the penalty was on Okudah, who wears No. 1. You would obviously expect an officiating crew that saw a hold on Jackson to confuse the numerals 1 and 27.

Not So Master-ful, Teague (and Other Stuff)

Master Teague seems poised to have a nice career at Ohio State but he’s got some things to work on. For example, he fumbled on Ohio State’s second drive of the third quarter, just after Garrett Wilson’s exciting punt return. Never waste a great punt return, young man. Protect the rock. It will probably keep him from grading out as a champion this week.

The backups in general had some issues in the second half, such as Tyreke Johnson running into his own punt returner (Wilson) and possibly blocking in the back on the play. Ohio State fell on the ball, which was good, and the penalty was actually called on the RedHawks for interfering with Wilson’s opportunity to catch the punt. So, it all worked out in the end although there were lots of bad things on the one play.

And then there was the late missed PAT by Dominic DiMaccio. Don’t get me started. It’s a PAT. Sheesh.

Well, that’s what bothered me this Saturday. Things went kind of sideways for much of the first quarter, which mirrors the last couple of games. Then the second quarter came and everything clicked. Again. There were so many positives I can’t even call any of them out here in this closing paragraph. Next week, things get more serious with a night game in Lincoln.

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  1. Grumpy certainly had to work hard for his pay this week because it is so difficult to find fault with anything this team did other than the safety.

  2. Buck68- the criteria on scheduling Miami was that TCU, who was supposed to be our opponent, weaseled out of the commitment and left OSU scrambling for a game just a year before it’s kickoff. Miami had an open date and, viola!, OSU scheduled them.
    Grumpy Old Buckeye- the bottom of your barrel is now scraped clean. OSU’s game plan was NOT to “show up and win”, I don’t recall OSU being “on it’s heels” or anything of the sort. These are the types of thing we say after OSU loses to an inferior team (Purdue 2018 anyone?), not after a SEVENTY point win. You got close to being correctly grumpy on the officiating portion of the article though- it was just the wrong game! Did anybody catch the absurd “targeting ejection” call on Wisky vs scUM, the first one of their two? How officials can screw that up after watching it again and again (!!) is one of life’s great mysteries. It was clear that scUM’s backup QB knew how to play the rule, by essentially posing between running like an actual player and diving- and he fooled a bunch of paid adults who are supposedly trained o detect it. Guess what, folks? That’s a clueless Big10 crew that eventually WILL end up officiating our team. Reserve yours eats now for when a crucial OSU player incorrectly gets ejected when the game is close…it’s coming.

    1. The Big 10 officials are the worst (other than that clown show group doing the ND vs Hillbilly Dawg, and I hate ND game) there is.

      That garbage dump officiating FOR Gawja was the most blatantly asholery crew to ever officiate an organized game of football. Maybe it was payback for their future vision when ND would start faking injuries. 2 shitty football programs officiated by real straw eating faculty members of the SEC or playoff committee………..or both.

      The first targeting penalty during the UM game should have been on the UM QB for being a bitch.

    2. Longtime Fan, I didn’t mention anything at all about the game plan. I was talking about the team’s mentality at the start of the game, though I used the word “approach,” which may have been confusing. Also, I didn’t mention Ohio State (as a whole) being on its heels. I specifically singled out the defense being on its heels early. Miami at the end of one quarter was on pace for nearly 400 yards. That is, objectively, putting the defense on its heels. Credit to the defensive coaching staff for making adjustments, but also the team eventually woke up and simply started playing harder and winning individual battles, which helped turn things around. A team can be on its heels for a drive, for a quarter, for a half, or an entire game. In this case it was only a couple of drives, whereas in your Purdue example it was a full game, and in reality, for the defense it was nearly all of 2018.

      Also, the first of the Wisconsin targeting calls was awful, as you say, but that is well outside the scope of this article. I will continue to be grumpy about holds in which an O-line player does not wrap up a defender or grab him in any way.

      1. Grumpy Old Buckeye- Nothing you have written confuses me, some of what you write is just incorrect. Regarding Miami being on pace for 400 yards after the first quarter, I’ll merely point out that Ted Ginn was “on pace” for SIX HUNDRED return yards vs Florida in the 06 natty game- until his own team injured him. The rest of the game does matter, yes?
        We may have inadvertently hit upon an article idea that is meaningful and looks to the future rather than the past. Is there any way to get the names of that UM/Wisky officiating crew and see if/when they will be doing a Buckeye game? Or, at least, the head guy? If you are grumpy after a seventy point win, we may have to get you some Lithium when those jackasses handle an OSU conference game. What a mess!

  3. OH… the “negativity”! But so cool and humorously sly that someone on OZ has figured out how to ‘mention’ a few minor happenings without stirring the Faithful to outrage about these ‘disloyalties’. ;-{)}

    Someday, perhaps Grumpy will ‘influence’ the truly loyal to dip their toe into the regular pool instead of thrashing around in the 1 de-mentional kiddie pool.

    For wee all know that a real magnet is only positive be cause negative makes me so…. whatever.

    Meanwhile… like the trick question about that die… if you keep deep frying a shallow opponent… are you ‘dominating’ more and more… or just abusing the children? Mixed Metaphors for ‘Fan mail from some flounder’? [historical cartoon reference].

    Perhaps next week Grumpy will have a bone or two with some meat on it after our first… competition!

    nb. This post is to us – fans – not to characterize or even comment on football or our last opponent… as Coach Day and the staff and the team… did not schedule our opponents. Therefore, on what criteria of “merit” DID we schedule… remains a mystery… for all the usual ‘reasons’.

    1. Buck68, you make my head hurt. Just plain English, please.

      1. Bluegrass I’m with you – but it’s hilarious!

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