Jonah Jackson Gets Knockdowns, Then Gets Up Again

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Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has preached toughness to his team this year and fifth-year senior left guard Jonah Jackson has heard every bit of it from his front row seat in the choir.

Day’s message is one that Jackson has long been a believer in and one that he applies to his play every single day.

Day and offensive line coach Greg Studrawa knew they were getting a tough and talented guy when they brought him in from Rutgers, and that has been confirmed many times since his arrival.

It was also on display Saturday in front of 103,000 in OSU’s 45-21 win over Florida Atlantic.

Jackson graded out a Champion in his first career game with the Buckeyes, leading the team with nine knockdowns. The knockdowns are apparently a career high.

“I think that might take the cake for most knocked downs,” Jackson said on Tuesday. “But you know, I still made some mistakes here and there. And there’s things I gotta fix for sure in there. If there’s one thing I like to hang my hat on, that’s being nasty and finishing. So that’s something I wanted to make sure I did in the game.”

Finishing isn’t something that Jackson has to focus too much on. It’s basically second nature to him now. It’s also a great lesson for the rest of his teammates.

“That’s what we celebrate together,” Studrawa said. “You know, we close the doors. And we celebrate those kind of things together. Because that’s the extra effort. That’s the one thing — understand the culture of the program and what we asked them to do — go hard, go hard, period. If you make a mistake, or you don’t understand something, blame me, that’s my fault. But I’m not going to tell you to go hard. And that’s the one thing that that kid does.

“And he’ll set the tone for the rest of the group. And the rest of our team as guys watch his film and watch what he puts on film. Because he goes to the end now. He goes just past the echo of the whistle. That’s what we talked about… just past it, you know, because that’s what I want. And if something happens, sometimes that’s good, okay, that’s on me. That’s on us. I want you to play hard. Go through, finish your block to the very end. And that’s what he did. And it’ll make us all better for it.”

Would You Like to Watch?

So I went through the 40-minute version of the Florida Atlantic game on YouTube and grabbed — I think — all nine of the knockdowns. There were four or five other candidates that I left off, so this may not be exact, but it’s good enough for me to spend time writing about it and for you to spend time watching it.

This is a fun one, unless you’re a family member of the defender.

I hope he paid full fare.

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  1. Liked this kid when I first started reading up on him with news of the xfer. Like him better now. Hope he knows how to train one of the wimpy 5-stars he has in the room with him because run blocking is 10% ability and 90% ‘tude and J. Jonah Jame–Jackson has got that in SPADES!

  2. I am not sold on Stud – coaching or recruiting. We have whiffed on too many recruits and as far as the ones we got, we need a transfer to bring in the meanness to get 9 knockdowns. I miss Ed Warriner who did wonders for coaching up the level of play. Maybe we can steal AJ Blazek, the guy responsible for J Jackson, away from NDSU.

  3. My first reaction is that a guy from Rutgers comes to The and looks like the best O-lineman on the field. Seems odd considering all of the 4-5 star recruits returning. Is that a nod to the excellent O-line coach at Rutgers…yes. Is that saying something about the O-line coach at The? Perhaps. But, I look at recent Buckeye graduates and they seem to be doing OK – most notably Michael Jordan who from what I’ve read is a starter with the Bengals as a rookie – that has to say something about the coaching he received, right? Maybe, considering this is JJ’s career best knockdowns, he was a good playing coming in and maybe Studs has made him better?

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