Live Updates — Ryan Day Radio Show, Sept. 5

Ryan Day Ohio State Football Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is taking part in his weekly Thursday radio show today. He will be talking about the Buckeyes’ upcoming matchup against the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. The show has already started, so we will provide updates as they happen. Refresh for the latest.

+ It’s a lot for young players to handle being at Ohio State. And then they start playing against guys who are four years older than them. Everything about college is different than high school. The organized and disciplined players usually do better early in their career. Talent only takes you so far, but once that talent is equated in college, it comes down to how hard you work and how well you work.

+ Jordan Fuller has the respect of his team. He does everything the right way. Off the field, on the field, in the meeting rooms, and then sets the example and holds teammates to a standard. What a guy to have young players model themselves after.

+ The team and the players have settled into their routines, but you have to make sure those routines are right and productive. You have to watch and be aware to make sure you’re doing the right thing and holding the players accountable as well.

+ Day got a history lesson on OSU coaches from Jack Park.

+ Asked about the interactions with John Cooper and Jim Tressel, he said he had a great conversation with Tressel this spring. Cooper has been wonderful. He is at practice regularly. It’s great to be able to talk to these guys day to day. Their support has been awesome.

+ Handling a talented tight end defensively depends on matchups. They make sure they have the right guy covering him. Then you also have to keep an eye on the down and distance. The third down and long is a likely pass play, so you want to make sure you have the right guy in there on that tight end.

+ The linebackers played fast and down hill. They were decisive. Some of their drops can be cleaned up. It was a good start and they had the physicality they look for.

+ Tuesday is still “Bloody Tuesday” and it’s the most physical practice each week. That’s when new game plans are going in as well. Every day is something different, but you build repetition weekly.

+ It was good to get Blake Haubeil a long kick late in that game (46 yards) and give him some confidence coming into the Cincinnati game.

+ The gunners were good, “maybe a little bit better than good.” It’s a tough standard to hold up to. They were the best in the nation last year, but they can still get better.

+ Demario McCall’s success in the return game won’t limit his touches on offense. What he did this week was what you can expect week in and week out, but they won’t limit him to doing more.

+ They were thorough in recruiting Chris Olave and being sure he was good enough, and they were very sure. They explained to his family when he was committed that he would get homesick, and that happened last year. But they work through it and they have support systems in place to help the players.

+ Day said his wife asked where the scarlet sports jacket he wore on Saturday came from. He said he just wanted to make sure he was well dressed.

+ The weather has been good, but you don’t need heat to get yourself in shape. They make sure the players take hydration tests and if they’re not hydrated enough, they don’t practice.

+ Day has talked to the team to let them know UC’s mindset coming into this game. At the end of the day, they have to play their hardest because that’s when you play your best.

+ Cincinnati is very well coached. They run the ball. They don’t turn it over. They have good speed on defense. They stop the run. They don’t give up big plays. They are solid on special teams. They will have guys who wanted to come to Ohio State, so they will be hungry for this win.

+ Austin Mack is strong and powerful and creates separation in his route running. But he is also able to catch the ball in traffic.

+ Day feels better about his offensive line than he did leaving the game. Watching the film helped ease his concerns. You play like you practice and the offensive line has done a great job in practice. It was also good to get Nick Petit-Frere in the action early. That’s great for a young guy. It’s rare that teams can roll in as many guys on the offensive line like they did. Yes, it’s important to build chemistry, but you also want to get guys experience.

+ The secondary was active and tackled well, but eventually they have to start turning the ball over.

+ Fields is an explosive, powerful runner.

+ Fields is pretty poised. You see that in his demeanor and how he handles himself. He’s always seen himself in this kind of environment. Didn’t see too many nerves early on.

+ Day expects to get some defensive ends back this weekend. This likely means Tyreke Smith and Tyler Friday rather than Jonathon Cooper.

+ The OSU linebackers are long and athletic. They can cover a lot of ground.

+ The big hit on the linebacker blitz that Justin Fields suffered was a missed assignment by JK Dobbins. Dobbins thought the linebacker was staying in coverage, but it was a delayed blitz.

+ Ohio State has good special teams, so throwing the ball away is a good decision at times.

+ Justin Fields did a good job of throwing the ball down the field. It helps giving him max protection a couple of times, but he still got hit too many times.

+ The two tight end sets forces the defense to prepare differently. When you have a guy like Jeremy Ruckert who can do different things, it puts the defense in difficult situations.

+ JK Dobbins had a solid game. He ran well and practiced very well in the preseason. The fumble was bad and can’t happen. He exposed himself when he spun. He probably wishes he had a couple of runs back. The 20-30 range is good for him.

+ “It’s going to take all 60 minutes to win this game.”

+ There were some looks and things that they weren’t anticipating, which is always the case early in the season, and then you work through those and adapt.

+ The crowd was a help in the early start against Florida Atlantic.

+ If you can get some early completions going early and get into a rhythm it helps the quarterbacks.

+ They went up 28-0 so early and the players have to stay focused in games like that moving forward. The staff will be watching that.

+ They want to play depth at Ohio State. Players have to be ready to go. The young guys have to take advantage of those reps. The film that they’ll get to watch this week of them being on the field will help on Saturday.

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  1. Dobbins sucks at pass pro. Zeke, El Guapo, Boom, Weber were all good blockers. Why is it you have to be an exceptional punt blocker to see the field but you can Ole’ it at RB?

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