Buckeye Offense Makes It Look Easy In Blowout Win Over Nebraska

Ohio State football J.K. Dobbins

On the old Star Trek TV series, it generally wasn’t hard to figure out which crew members from the U.S.S. Enterprise were about the meet a particularly gruesome fate.

Captain Kirk, Spock, and an anonymous security guy would head down to some strange planet. You knew there would be drama, you knew there would be danger, and you knew darn well that neither Kirk nor Spock was going to be the one who met a terrible fate.

Those security guys always wore red shirts. And that brings us to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

When Scotty Frost beamed them down for their prime time game against the Buckeyes, things went extremely and predictably wrong for the guys in red jerseys very quickly.

Ohio State’s first nine drives netted 50, 60, 90, 50, 55, 72, 16, 57, and 67 yards. The only one that finished with less than half a field gained was cut short by the end of the first half.

The Buckeyes did whatever they wanted, whenever and however they wanted.

Justin Fields went 15-for-21 for 212 yards and three touchdowns passing. He also ran for 41 yards and another score.

J.K. Dobbins had 177 yards rushing at an absurd 7.4 yards per carry.

They went 7-for-8 on third down conversions in the first half, and the only failure came at the end of a 13-play, 90-yard drive.

They did this on the road, in front of what started out as a rocking prime-time crowd, without their normal starting right tackle.

“We kind of came in hitting on all cylinders,” said OSU head coach Ryan Day after the game. “That was great to see, I thought the line did a good job, the backs ran hard, and Justin (Fields) made some really big time throws.”

There was some thought during the week that a primetime atmosphere in a hostile stadium could present a challenge for the Buckeyes’ young quarterback. Once the game kicked off, that question was answered pretty quickly.

“We had to play against a big crowd and they were loud, at the beginning at least,” said Fields. “I think we handled it well, we just came out and jumped on them early and didn’t let up.”

That relentless effort was obvious on the drive chart, where the Bucks scored on eight of the first nine possessions. There were six touchdowns, two field goals, and a promising drive that was only snuffed out by the combination of a holding penalty and the end of the first half.

At this point, the Buckeyes are running out of things for people to doubt them about. Next week, they will face their toughest defense to date in Michigan State. Maybe the Spartans can slow this attack down.

After a week off, they have a Friday night game against Northwestern. Maybe the bye week or unusual game day will throw off their feng shui.

Maybe Jonathan Taylor will run wild on the defense when Wisconsin comes to Columbus the following week.

Penn State just hung 59 points on Maryland on the road. Michigan just beat Rutgers by 52. Perhaps one of them could rise up and knock off the Buckeyes. And if not, then Taylor may get another crack at them in Indianapolis.

But it’s starting to look like the only thing that can stop the 2019 Buckeyes is the 2019 Buckeyes.

After the game, Day was clearly pleased, but knows his team still has more work to do in order to truly live long and prosper.

“This is just us trying to improve every week and get better. This was a major challenge for us, so I’m proud of that, but we still have a long way to go,” he said. “This doesn’t mean anything if we don’t keep it going.”

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  1. Great article Tom and I like the metaphors.

  2. Since I live in Atlanta, people keep asking me why Justin Fields was not starting at University of Georgia but is doing a fantastic job as the Buckeyes’ QB. Clearly I don’t know the answer to that question. Just glad that Fields became a Buckeye and is dedicated to helping the team achieve great things.

    1. I don’t know what Georgia had last year, but OSU has a great team that is helping a new starting QB in Justin Fields. We have a great offensive line, two very good running backs, and a bunch of guys who can run routes and catch the ball. OSU has maybe the best play caller in Ryan Day. Day also knows how to coach quarterbacks eventhough he is now the head coach. We have not seen the best from Justin yet. This kid will continue to grow each week.

  3. Well…in a previous post I bemoaned the loss of Ed Warriner, publicly pondered whether Studrawa was the guy to coax the animal out of (or into) our O-line and I stand before you all today humbled by the incredible performances of our line this year. I don’t care if it is all due to coach Stud, if Jonah Jackson brought attitude and a competitive game of “who can get the most knockdowns” if the threat of running laps till you puke has cut our false start convictions to zero – hell I don’t care if the line feeds daily on white bunnies that they have to kill and drain/drink the blood. They show incredible pride as a unit and no mercy. The perfect combination and I was wrong – happy to say it!

  4. What is it when we assert “excellence” is… perfection?

    Legion are the Kings who say “we did whatever we wanted, whenever”.

    Tempting, huh? And every single time i do this… i have already done it BEFORE considering the meaning of what i have impetuously said/written.

    For ex: I didn’t mean to demean the hard work and effort that has gone into Neb prep… since, as Coach Day said… “last Feb”.

    Nor do i mean now, to demean writers or posters.

    I DO MEAN… to warn ourselves… about our selves… BEFORE the next fall… i.e. while each / any of us, can ‘do sumthin’ ’bout it’ ,,,as even the laissez-faire ‘leader’ Coach Cooper used to say in the occasional ‘intense moment’.


    1. Another epic post by the gentleman from LaMancha!

  5. Do the Buckeyes “remain untested”?

    Did our coaches and players “make it look easy”?

    Or, are such repetitious conclusions… among the insidious imps in each of our selves… craftily at work to distort and undermine our, and our players’, daily ‘focus’…

    ..on The Task at Hand… TODAY?

    For the sage whispered to the Conqueror on parade, “all fame…is fleeting”. But how often do we deny the simple and essential cure for ‘fame’ during the Journey?

      1. “Pretentious”? An apt term. ;-{)} …way to ‘sugarcoat it’ LOL.

        One really totally old guy called it “vanity”, and noted ‘we all got it’.

        And we just ‘can’t’ get rid of it… it just keeps coming back… naturally.

        But, we can keep trying to ‘lay it aside’ for a day, a Day, or Dei.

        And what better way, than to help another and by so doing, help your team and uphold what you ‘committed’ to? For isn’t there usually someone else on our team… that is sacrificing or suffering ‘much more’ than me, in silence and anonymity… yet is still sinking or striving?

  6. Wisconsin and others will key in on the 3rd Nebraska drive where the I formation gave OSU fits. They better find a cure for that fast.

    1. Did we watch the same game? Obviously not!!!

      1. Guess you didn’t see the game where they fixed the issue. Nebraska only scored cause osu put second and third team in

        1. That’s a lazy answer, don’t go along with such a false narrative. The 3 tackles the buckeyes did make on that drive included the following; wade, browning, m. harrison. Those 3rd teamers, at the least, need to get their own names.
          It’s such an elitest thought to say that the only way nebraska could score is if the 2nd and 3rd teams were in.

  7. Nice Star Trek theme, Tom.
    How ’bout Hitchhiker’s Guide:
    “Vell, ze Buckeyes are just this team, you know?” —Apologies to Gag Halfront, therapist to Zaphod Beeblebrox, ex-head honcho of the galaxy

    1. Great idea, Andrew- the answer is “42”!!

      1. You people are some real oddballs!!!!!

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