The-Ozone Staff Picks: Miami (OH) at Ohio State

Amir Riep Ohio State Buckeyes

Welcome (Ohio) to (Ohio) Miami (Ohio) week (Ohio)!

The Buckeyes come into Saturday’s game against the RedHawks as 38.5-point favorites, which also happens to be the exact ACT score that is required to get into Miami (Ohio).

Before we get into this week’s staff picks, we should go back extremely quickly and acknowledge Brandon Zimmerman’s prediction of 49-13 as the closest to the pin in OSU’s 51-10 win over the Hoosiers last week.

This week, however, there is one particular staff picker who believes I — I mean, “he” — has the exact score in mind and we are not afraid to say it.

Everybody else is just playing for second.

Tony Gerdeman

Now that I have already stated that my prediction is going to be exactly correct, I’m starting to think I have Ohio State scoring one touchdown too many.

I expect the running game to continue unabated, looking to top the 300-yard mark for a second week in a row. It will be the first time the Buckeyes go for 300 yards in consecutive weeks since the two weeks after the Iowa loss in 2017.

I think I think Master Teague might outrush JK Dobbins in this one because I’m not sure Dobbins needs to see any action in the third quarter.

The running game will allow that deep stuff to work again. The defense will shut the RedHawks down and the young Buckeyes will claw and scrape to keep them out of the end zone in the fourth quarter.

Ohio State 52, Miami (OH) 0

Tom Orr

We’re all probably thinking it, but I’ll be the one who has the courage to actually say it: Ohio State probably has at least a slight personnel advantage on Saturday against Miami.

Controversial? Maybe. Disrespectful? Perhaps.

But I’m a big believer in speaking truth, and after a close examination of both teams’ rosters, there is reason to suspect the Buckeyes may have better football players. That, plus the 3-point bump teams get on average from home field advantage, should be just enough to push OSU over the top to a win.

Ohio State 56, Miami 6

Chip Minnich

While I was in the stands back in 2000 when Ohio State sort of went through the motions in defeating Miami University 27-16, I am having major challenges in seeing how Miami keeps this one even remotely close. Miami University head coach Chuck Martin spoke volumes, and brutal honesty, when he stated that playing Ohio State was like the Buckeyes having the first 85 picks. Perhaps kickoff returner Maurice Thomas, who earned All-MAC honors last season, might be able to be a contributor to the Buckeyes, but it is a struggle to see any area where Miami has even remotely comparable talent.

Hopefully Ryan Day gets the starters out quickly and gives ample opportunities to the deserving backups to show what they can do. I am thinking this is a chance for freshman running back Marcus Crowley to get more than just a handful of carries, and for backup quarterbacks Chris Chugunov and Gunnar Hoak to truly get meaningful snaps during the second half.

Ohio State 63, Miami University 7

Michael Citro

In Week 1 we saw an Ohio State team firing on all cylinders in the first quarter. The last two weeks we saw the Buckeyes get things really cranking in the second quarter. This is the week I think the starters just dominate from the opening kickoff until halftime and then the backups get significant minutes. At least that is what should happen. This is a mismatch.

Ohio State 55, Miami (OH) 10

Brandon Zimmerman

I think if Ohio State has a letdown game, it will be right here. Good thing for Ohio State, Miami is the worst team on their schedule and it won’t matter even if they do have a letdown. I think we will continue to see the passing game developed and you will see a lot more crossing routes to get ready for Nebraska next week who has shown a decent rush defense this year. I could see someone like KJ Hill really blowing up this week. With that said, I see JK Dobbins and Master Teague easily going for 100 a piece on Saturday.

On defense, Chase Young and company are going to have a field day against an offensive line that struggled against Cincinnati last week, giving up five sacks. In the secondary, I see at least two interceptions and one of those will be by Josh Proctor, who surprisingly dropped approximately 17 picks last week.

Ohio State 65, Not-Tate’s Miami 9

Jared Ilovar

Poor Miami. Poor, poor, Miami. This will be ugly. I won’t pretend otherwise. So lets have some fun and make 10 bold predictions

-Miami will have negative net yards at halftime.
-Ohio State will earn their second shutout of the year.
-Justin Fields will account for 5 TDs
-The Buckeyes will score 42 by halftime
-JK Dobbins will carry the ball 10 times or less, but still break 100 yards
-Master Teague will get will get the plurality of the carries
-…and break 200 yards
-The defense will produce at least 6 sacks
-The defense will create at least 3 turnovers
-A walk-on will get a TD

Ohio State 59, Miami 0

Michael Meihls

I want to sell this game, HARD. Miami has a talented true freshman quarterback in Brett Gabbert. They have a couple of talented wideouts for him to throw to. At some point, there should be an offensive explosion from the RedHawks.

On defense, Miami runs a different scheme that the Buckeyes don’t see often, if at all. And this could pose a challenge for Ohio State, and will cause the offense to stall more often than we’d like to see.

Of course, this is all in reference to Miami’s 1st team against OSU’s 2s, 3s, and 4s. Because this is, unfortunately, the cuppy-est of cupcakes. Ohio State will roll early and often and do whatever they want. That is, if Ryan Day can keep the team interested and motivated, which I think he will do. OSU big on Saturday.

Ohio State 63, Miami 10

Adam Borland

Back in 2012, Urban Meyer took the reigns at Ohio State and demolished a Miami RedHawk team 56-10 in Ohio Stadium. Seven years later, Ryan Day has taken control of the Buckeye program and looks to pick up right where Meyer left off, including a similar whooping of Miami.

Though the transitive property has its flaws, knowing that this RedHawk team lost to the same Northern Kentucky Bearcats that OSU neutered in week two certainly inspires confidence. OSU will control this game from start to finish.

The offense will take advantage of excellent field position all day, scoring almost at will. The Buckeye defense will harass the younger Gabbert brother and cause multiple turnovers. OSU rolls through Miami on its way to Lincoln.

OSU 56, Miami (OH) 7

Caroline Rice

In my opinion, Miami is the least-talented team on Ohio State’s schedule. Miami has a 1-2 record and they just lost to Cincinnati last week. They have some talented players on offense between their quarterback and two backs Shelton and Johnson. Johnson also leads the team in receptions so he’s definitely a guy who I think will flash and make a play for the Redhawks.

But I really don’t think this game will be a challenge for Ohio State in any way. I think Justin Fields will have a great day, J.K. Dobbins will have another big performance, a lot of receivers will have catches, and the defense will be making plays all over the field again. This should be an easy win for Ohio State and I would expect to see the Buckeyes play with the 2s for the majority of the second half.

Ohio State 63, Miami 10

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  1. All kinds of tickets at face value showed up on Ticketmaster today. I thought of buying a ticket and driving down from Cleveland, but since it is a 3:30 game I’m just going to watch it on tv.

  2. So you think that OSU might have a slight personnel advantage? I’m going to spot the Buckeyes 3 points for being at home and another 48 for the slight personnel advantage. I doubt the Redskin Hawks are going to do much except take the paycheck and try to get out of Columbus without injuries so they can play their MAC schedule intact. The Buckeyes should beat the huge spread even with their JV team. I just hope the Buckeyes aren’t looking ahead to Nebraska because if that happens we might only win by 45 instead of 48. We need an in-state little brother that can occasionally have a chance to win. It’s bad enough having Rutgers on the schedule every year. Thanks a pant load, Delaney.

    Ohio State 51
    The Miami U. 3

    1. You too? Do you really think the Buckeyes will have to settle for 3 field goals? Or do you think they’ll get another safety this week?

      1. Hi Andrew! A safety or the reserves may settle for a few field goals late in the game. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  3. Not sure where Mike Citro (2) or last week’s “winner” Brandon Zimmerman (3 unless he thinks the Buckeyes will get a safety again?) field goals are gonna happen. At most I can see Gerd and/or Jared’s 1 FG in this game.
    Shutouts are hard but while I certainly think it’s possible here I’m going with 63 – 3 with 1 defensive TD happening.

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