Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Black Belt Buckeyes, White Belt Mentality

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr preview Friday night’s matchup between Ohio State and Northwestern. They discuss both sides of the ball for the Buckeyes, wondering how long the Northwestern defense will be able to hold up and how much the Wildcat offense will be able muster. They also talk about Ryan Day’s “White Belt Mentality” mantra that keeps his team from getting full of themselves. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ We get to go to Chicago this week, but then we have to go to Evanston.

+ We have to go to Rutgers this year too, unless the sun saves us by burning out.

+ The calendar has all of us confused.

+ There is a decent chance that somebody misses this game because of the schedule confusion.

+ It’s an annoying adjustment for everybody, especially us.

+ Players get all of the scheduling breaks.

+ What did Ryan Day talk about today?

+ Northwestern’s grass.

+ You won’t even be able to see players in the grass.

+ We’ll measure the grass for you, don’t worry.

+ Being favored by 28 points on the road at night is a lot.

+ Northwestern’s offense is a good matchup for the Ohio State defense.

+ Good as in bad for Northwestern.

+ The Northwestern quarterback situation is…not great.

+ They throw short passes and only complete half of them.

+ The road can be scary, but there is nothing threatening about Northwestern’s offense.

+ What will it take for the Wildcats to score enough points to win?

+ Ohio State’s secondary might have an advantage here.

+ There’s no explosion in the running game for Northwestern.

+ People asking Shaun Wade if he’s leaving for the NFL.

+ Ryan Day doesn’t care about Friday night games because it doesn’t matter if he did.

+ What is the White Belt Mentality?

+ Can you join a karate class close to Labor Day?

+ What did Ryan Day work on for himself this off week?

+ Northwestern’s defense has played really well this season.

+ They held Wisconsin under 300 yards of total offense.

+ This is a veteran NU defense.

+ There’s probably not a lot to take from last year’s game against OSU.

+ Tom ain’t buying it.

+ Northwestern has some similarities to Michigan State.

+ Eventually, however, the dam will begin to break.

+ Dark uniforms make you stronger.

+ How long will Northwestern’s defense hold up?

+ The JK/Teague combo is gonna be trouble for the Wildcats.

+ We haven’t really thought about score predictions.

+ The game has moved networks.

+ Northwestern’s hype video was dark.

+ Ryan Day likes thin crust pizza.

+ Why is thin crust the same price as regular crust?

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