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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Chase Young for Frickin’ Heisman Already

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap Tuesday’s media availability with Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, as well as players Jeff Okudah, BB Landers, and Justin Fields. The Heisman was a topic of conversation, even if nobody at Ohio State cared to discuss it. Ryan Day seems upbeat about running back recruiting, so they talk about that as well. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ This is a bye week.

+ Recapping what Ryan Day and a few players had to say on Tuesday.

+ Can’t start Maryland coverage just yet.

+ The Heisman was the topic du jour.

+ Chase Young plays defense, so he is ineligible for the Heisman.

+ Ryan Day doesn’t want to talk about the Heisman.

+ None of it matters if you lose.

+ #RatPoison

+ Ohio State won’t campaign.

+ Campaigns aren’t necessary anymore.

+ Everything is on TV now.

+ Chase Young isn’t a secret.

+ Chase Young won’t be playing on offense.

+ Plus, TEU doesn’t even need him.

+ Chase Young has a bullseye on him, but it does no good without artillery.

+ Ryan Day’s tough love toward his player.

+ He rarely gushes over a player.

+ Maybe that’s good.

+ Buckeyes now battle complacency.

+ First time since 2015 OSU is 8-0.

+ The bullseye is bigger, which means they have to work harder each week.

+ What is OSU’s biggest area of concern?

+ Pass protection?

+ Punt protection?

+ Pass protection can be helped by getting healthier.

+ Ryan Day isn’t concerned about running back recruiting for 2020.

+ He provided a different answer than a couple of months ago.

+ Seems odd not to be able to land a running back in this class.

+ The lack of progression of Texas’ quarterbacks is interesting.

+ Ryan Day is okay with running the ball.

+ Justin Fields going to work during the bye week.

+ Building depth through playing young guys.

+ Garrett Wilson making a big move to be the Buckeyes’ punt returner.

+ Again.

+ Look at the young defensive linemen who have been able to grow.

+ Justin Hilliard getting a sixth year?

+ Voting for All-Big Ten players is hard.

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6 Responses

  1. Like I said it’s impossible for him to win it. In your heart of hearts you know the same thing, to say otherwise is stupid.

    It’s like beating a dead horse, it’s a worthless endeavor. Hearing about a defensive player deserving the heisman is boring and trite.

    I get the Gus Johnson’s of the world rooting for the current defensive underdog to win it. Everyone wants to be the first one to champion the next most deserving guy that isn’t going to win the award. But should. Because he’s the best player.

    I’d say this, fields is much more important to osu than young is. They’d likely lose two games out of the four, if fields is out, you can’t say the same thing if young was out. And young is the best defensive player in college, vs. fields who has been pretty good.

    There’s a good chance he doesn’t go before #3 even IF he is the best player.

    I think all of the talking heads that say he should win it, just make it worse. There’s been far more dominating defensive players that haven’t gotten a sniff of the heisman.

    Saturday, he affected the qb 25% of the time he was on the field-in his best game to date. In a nutshell, that’s why it goes to a qb 90% of the time, then a rb. They effect the game far more than the best defensive player.

    Get back to me in 20 years. I’d love to see how many of the best defensive players have won the award.

  2. I can’t figure out why all the osu sites stump for young to win the heisman. It’s impossible for him to win it. Do you guys think if you stump hard enough, you’ll make enough noise that he’ll win it? As an osu fan it’s embarassing to see all the words written about something that’s not possible. I’m sure there’s enough story lines out there, that no one would notice if you’d drop this stupid one.
    Even if he finishes second, he still has no chance to win it.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if a former buckeye won it? Now that’s a story!

    1. It is not just OSU people talking about Chase Young. If we don’t talk about it, then we are just ignoring the obvious fact that he is the best football player right now and that is just plain stupid. The kid deserves to be recognized. People on national tv even talk about Young being the best football player in the country at this point. Did you hear what was said on Monday Night Football about Young and where he should be drafted (#1 overall)? When you say it is not possible or IMPOSSIBLE for Young to win the Heisman, that means that there is 0% chance for him to win. That is really not true. The thing with Burrow is there are other QB’s who could also win it. No one can touch Young at the position he plays at.

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