Live Updates — Ryan Day Radio Show — Oct. 3

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day takes part in his weekly radio show Thursday at noon. He will likely look back a bit at last week’s win at Nebraska and then spend a good amount of time talking about the challenge this week with Michigan State. We will provide live updates once Day begins, so refresh for the latest.

+ Asked to rank Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa, and Chase Young, he said that is still to be determined, especially if Young comes back for his senior season.

+ Michigan State is playing well right now. They shut the OSU offense down in the first half last year, so the Buckeyes know what they’re up against.

+ He doesn’t want to overdo it with history and what MSU has been able to do against the Buckeyes, but he has talked to his players about it. This is a team that has done big things in the Big Ten and so the Buckeyes must take them seriously and know what they’re getting into on Saturday.

+ MSU will mix their pressures and do just enough to keep you on your heels.

+ MSU is a well coached team. Mark Dantonio is one of the best coaches in the country in the last two decades. They don’t give you anything. They make you earn everything. They are tough and they know your offense and defense and play with great fundamentals. This is a team that’s going to come in here and wants to win the Big Ten. QB Brian Lewerke is playing the best he’s played.

+ Drue Chrisman is doing great, but they’re not getting him too much work this season, which is okay.

+ They try not to focus on forcing the ball to any of their receivers because they roll guys, but Chris Olave is a guy who can do so many things. He’s tough in man and is smart in zone and can do something with the ball whenever he gets it.

+ The yards after contact for the running backs is pretty high right now and they are running so hard right now. Master Teague is a big changeup from JK Dobbins. He’s a bigger downhill guy who can break tackles. Once he gets going, he has a lot of momentum behind him.

+ Josh Alabi was the player of the game on offense and it is awesome to see somebody stick around so long with a great attitude. He played well and it was bit to see. It also speaks to the depth of the offensive line and the culture of that room. Hats off to that whole room.

+ The offensive line finished as good as he’s seen last week and the defensive line dominated. “They’re both doing a good job at a high level.” This is a long season and Saturday’s game is against a team that takes pride in winning those battles up front.

+ Ohio State has thrown more touchdown passes than any other team in the nation since Ryan Day came to Ohio State. Day credited everybody. It’s a product of everybody being involved and good talent, and then calling the right plays and practicing them during the week.

+ The fast starts are a result of focusing on making it happen throughout the week. They want to do this every week, but they don’t hang everything on this happening. They know it’s not going to happen every week. It helps when you can get three-and-outs or turnovers, because that usually means short fields. An early lead can give you momentum.

+ Justin Fields is doing a good job of taking care of the ball for sure. The 15-yard touchdown run is one of those things you can’t coach, you just hope they happen through recognition of what is and isn’t available.

+ It is satisfying to sit down and turn on the film and watch this pass defense. The corners are locking things down and playing very well right now. Nebraska tried a double move on Damon Arnette and he wasn’t biting.

+ They had to call another timeout prior to a Nebraska punt because they had two No. 5s in the game and it was fourth and 3. It would have given the Huskers a first down.

+ The I-formation caught them off guard. You could feel the crowd getting into it. You could see momentum building for Nebraska. So they called a timeout and caught their breath and talked to their guys.

+ Defensively, execution is just as important as it is on offense. All three levels are tied together and players need to execute their duties.

+ The defensive line and secondary are doing a good job of playing off of each other. The coverage is good, which gives the rush time. The rush is good, which makes the coverage even more effective.

+ The two tight end sets have been effective for this offense. Bringing in an extra tight end is something defenses have grown unaccustomed to facing with so many spread offenses in football.

+ The negative so far is that this team hasn’t had to play 60 minutes yet, but they are constantly harping on it. “We have to have that approach every game so that we don’t get caught off-guard.”

+ They use science when it comes to hydrating their players and making sure whatever they lose during workouts and practices are replaced. For instance, they can pump cold water into Josh Myers’ shoulder pads during practice because he gets hot.

+ Buckeyes came out and played hard last week. They needed to be tougher, have more effort, and play harder than Nebraska, and they did.

+ Tuesday was a good practice. There was good energy and Wednesday was good as well. They know it is going to take a full four quarters this week.

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  1. ” especially if Young comes back for his senior season.”
    Let’s not get our hopes up, Coach. Barring a medical redshirt (Heaven forbid!) there is no way Young does not move his act to Sundays after the season he is enjoying. And I have the definite feeling he is only going to get better as this year plays out.

  2. MSU will use hard counts and screens to get cheap yards and neutralize our pass rush. Remember how they frustrated Joe Bosa?
    Hit them right in the middle like we did a couple of years ago. I can see Teague hitting a couple of those. Their defense is smallish and overrated. Attack them and they crumble.

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