Redshirt Tracker: Which Ohio State Freshmen Have Played This Season

Ohio State Buckeyes football Harry Miller Marcus Crowley

Five games into the 2019 Ohio State football season, a handful of Buckeye freshmen have officially crossed the Redshirt Rubicon.

Just as a reminder, according to NCAA rules that went into place before the 2018 season, players can participate in up to four games in one season and still take a redshirt.

That means that as soon as a player appears in his fifth game of the year, he has officially used up a year of eligibility.

Five games into the 2019 season, there are four Buckeyes who have already crossed that mark.

DE Zach Harrison, WR Garrett Wilson, OC Harry Miller, and RB Marcus Crowley have all officially used a year of eligibility.

LB Craig Young did as well. He did not appear in the participation report, but was visible on the kickoff team at times on the TV broadcast.

Two other Buckeye freshmen have used their four “freebie” games already. WR Jameson Williams played in his fourth game at Nebraska.

RB Steele Chambers played in his third game, meaning that the coaching staff is getting close to a decision point for him.

DE Noah Potter, LB Cade Stover, and OL Dawand Jones have all played in two games. SAF Bryson Shaw, DT Jaden McKenzie, and LB Tommy Eichenberg have appeared once.

Four freshmen have yet to see the field. SAF Ronnie Hickman is still out with an injury. TE Cormontae Hamilton, and OL Ryan Jacoby and Enokk Vimahi have not appeared in a game yet, either.

All data below comes directly from the participation reports published by OSU. However, those aren’t always infallible. For example, freshman OL Dawand Jones played on the field goal block unit against Cincinnati and Miami, but he wasn’t listed on the official participation report for either game.

You can find those participation reports for each game here: Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Indiana, Miami, Nebraska.

Zach HarrisonXXXXXXX5+
Garrett WilsonXXXXXXX5+
Harry MillerXXXXX5+
Marcus CrowleyXXXXXX5+
Craig YoungXXXXXX5+
Jameson WilliamsXXXXXX5+
Dawand JonesXXX3
Steele ChambersXXX3
Cade StoverXX2
Noah PotterXX2
Bryson ShawX1
Jaden McKenzieX1
Tommy EichenbergX1
Ronnie Hickman0
Enokk Vimahi0
Ryan Jacoby0
Cormontae Hamilton0


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  1. I don’t see any point in the skill position players red-shirting. We will need all hands on deck for RB next year once Dobbins goes. Might as well get them as much experience during blowouts as possible. O lineman i get red-shirting, unless they are 5 star types. Same with D lineman. Also, players that were essentially ‘athlete’s all over the field’ in HS who were recruited with the intent of going into the secondary most likely need a year to concentrate solely on that position at this level so i would anticipate a red shirts in that area as well.

  2. Young played on kick coverage this week as he has all year.

    1. I’ll take a look at the video later. He wasn’t listed on the participation report, but as I said above, those things aren’t infallible.

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