20 Incredible Things Ohio State Could Do Against Rutgers

Ohio State Rutgers point spread

The No. 1 Ohio State Buckeyes head to Rutgers this weekend to play lowly Rutgers.

Games as lopsided as this are often known as “Stat-urday” for the remarkable numbers players and teams have a chance to accumulate.

The Bucks are favored by more than 50 points, and that line keeps creeping up. The reality of the situation is that Ohio State will score whatever it wants to.

If Ryan Day wants to hit 70, he will. If he’s aiming for 80, that’s within reach as well. And if the Buckeye starters all played the full 60 minutes with the pedal down, 100 points honestly might not be out of the question.

While there likely won’t be much drama in which team will win, there are some intriguing things to watch.

College football is a big and diverse enough sport in style and talent levels that in many weeks, you can see things happen that you’ve never seen before.

Odds are, none of the Buckeye players will be in the game long enough to rack up incredible single-game stats for themselves. So Eddie George’s 314 rushing yards is likely safe for another week.

But this week, you may get to see Ohio State do some remarkable things.


The last time OSU held an opponent to negative rushing yards was against Miami in 2012. The Redhawks rushed for minus-1 yard on 20 carries that day.


The most recent game in which Ohio State did not punt at all was a 56-14 win over Nebraska in 2017.

7 x 4

The last time four different Buckeyes ran for a touchdown in a game was last Saturday against Maryland. J.K. Dobbins and Demario McCall had two each, while Marcus Crowley and Justin Fields both had one.


The last time OSU scored on 10 consecutive possessions was against Florida A&M in 2013.


The last time Ohio State scored 50+ points in a half was against Florida A&M in 2013. They put up 55 points in the first half of a 76-0 win.


That has been the exact margin of victory in OSU blowouts in conference games four times in the last five years.

2019: Ohio State 73, Maryland 14

2016: Ohio State 62, Maryland 3

2016: Ohio State 62, Nebraska 3

2014: Ohio State 59, Wisconsin 0


The last time OSU played a game with 60 or more points in the first half was against Iowa in 1995. Ohio State scored 56 before the break, while Iowa had 7.


The biggest margin of victory in a conference game for Ohio State since joining the Big Ten is 64. That came in a 70-6 win over Northwestern in 1981. In that game, Ohio State was favored by 40 points.

The Buckeyes only have four Big Ten wins of 60+ points all time. The others were a 60-0 win over Northwestern in 1973, an 83-21 win over Iowa in 1950, and a 61-0 victory over Chicago in 1939.

The Chicago Maroons dropped out of the league after that season.


The last time the Buckeyes scored more than 70 points was last weekend against Maryland (73-14).


Ohio State’s last game with a margin of victory of 70 or more was that 2013 win over Florida A&M (76-0).

The last time they did it against an FBS team was earlier this season against Miami (76-5).

The last time they did it against a Power 5 team was in 1996 against Pitt (72-0).


Rutgers’ worst loss since joining the Big Ten was a 78-0 defeat against Michigan in 2016.

At one point during the third quarter of that game, Rutgers had minus-1 yard of total offense.

The Knights didn’t get a first down until the fourth quarter.


The last time OSU scored 80 points or more was against Iowa in 1950 (83-21).


Ohio State beat Drake, 85-7 in 1935. That’s the last time OSU scored 85 or more points.


The last college football game to go over 100 points was when Rockford beat Trinity Bible, 105-0 in 2003.

The last time it happened in Division 1 was in 1968 when Houston beat Tulsa, 100-6.

Fun fact: TV personality Dr. Phil was on that Tulsa team.

100 x 3

Three Buckeyes rushed for at least 100 yards against Indiana in 2011. Dan Herron (141), Braxton Miller (105), and Carlos Hyde (105) all did it that day. It hasn’t happened since.


One record that’s probably safe is the biggest margin of victory in Ohio State history. That’s a 128-0 win over Oberlin in 1916. It was also the last time an OSU team scored more than 85 points.


The last time the Buckeyes rushed for more than 400 yards in a game was against Rutgers in 2016 (410).


The OSU single-game passing record is 499, set against Northwestern in the 2018 Big Ten Championship Game.


The last time OSU ran the ball for 500 yards or more in a game was in 1962 against Illinois (517).


The Buckeyes just racked up a 700-yard day of total offense against Maryland last weekend. That was the first time they’d done that since the Oregon State game to open the 2018 season.


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  1. The last time OSU had a 70 point margin of victory was actually 2019 vs Miami of Ohio. 76-5, right??
    Amazing stats. Also amazing how bad Iowa was in the 90s. Ugh.

  2. 70 – 6 over Northwestern is a 64 point margin of victory, not 63.
    Some incredible numbers and yes, the confluence of an Ohio State team THIS dominant and a Rutgers team THIS bad probably means some of the above will be met or exceeded.

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