Chase Young, Jonathon Cooper Unavailable For Maryland Game

Ohio State football Jonathon Cooper Chase Young

Ohio State will be missing both of its starting defensive ends for this week’s game against Maryland.

Senior Jonathon Cooper is out due to injury, and junior Chase Young will miss the game as Ohio State investigates possible NCAA rules violations.

With them out, four young players will get a chance to play. Sophomores Tyreke Smith and Tyler Friday, redshirt freshman Javontae Jean-Baptiste and true freshman Zach Harrison are all listed as co-starters at defensive end for the Maryland game.

Defensive line coach Larry Johnson has stockpiled a lot of talent. Now those young players will have to step up into bigger roles.

The rest of the availability report is relatively drama-free.

Senior WR Austin Mack and sophomore LB Teradja Mitchell are both listed as game-time decisions. Mack was a game-time decision against Wisconsin as well, and did not play.

If Mack can’t go against Maryland, sophomore Chris Olave would get the start at the Z receiver position, and likely play a bigger role in the game.

Mitchell is listed as a co-backup at the WILL linebacker position behind Malik Harrison.

Other players listed as “unavailable” this weekend include WR Kamryn Babb, DT Noah Donald, WR Elijah Gardiner, TE Cormontae Hamilton, SAF Ronnie Hickman, H-Back C.J. Saunders, and DT Taron Vincent.

One piece of good news is that senior backup OL Josh Alabi is back this week after missing several games due to injury.

Alabi is not listed as the backup LT on the depth chart, but an OSU spokesman said that was an oversight. Alabi is good to go this weekend.

He has started two games this season, and also started the Rose Bowl against Washington when Thayer Munford missed the game due to injury. Alabi provides a lot of stability at a position where both the LT and RT starters have had injury issues this season.

You can find the full Ohio State depth chart for the Maryland game below, or click here to download a PDF version: Ohio State depth chart vs. Maryland


Ohio State depth chart Maryland

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  1. Boosters often are the “friends” offering loans. Let’s take off the scarlet and gray glasses and see the repayment records on that loan. How many other such undisclosed loans have taken place? Too bad but this is how corruption works and it is not innocent. The rules are in place to prevent this kind of surreptitious exchange. Those justifying this absurd lack of ethics and deflecting it on the NCAA and other schools are pathetic. It’s all right to cheat as long as it’s your team or your kid and then start with the excuses. How about respecting the rules? No wonder the same teams end up at the top every year? I agree with another guy here that the timing of this is strange but I ascribe it to sophistry more than malice. The timing couldn’t be better for a self reported violation of this type in hope that Young might get off easy with a one or two game suspension. Gene Smith is good at this. It’s not his first time.

    1. You lose any and all credibility for your otherwise well-written post, with that sophomoric made up name.

      1. Nice one. Let’s talk about your name for a while and avoid the unpleasant issue at hand some more. I’ll make you some chamomile tea. I think The View comes on in a few minutes.

    2. Btw, I’m not suggesting that Chase took money or is shady. but at the least he knowingly did something he knew he shouldn’t have, not thinking about the team or that it would ever get out. He’s been my MVP all year and of all people he’s the last guy I thought would do such a dumb thing. I love interest free loans without written agreements from my friends as much as the next guy but not where the Buckeyes are concerned. Well, this gives ESPN a lot to gloat over.

  2. Chase Youngs “cardinal sin” was taking a loan from a family friend entering his Freshman Year.

    Apparently the loan was repaid, but he’s still having to deal with the NCAA and Ohio State.

    The above is a bozo no no………..but it’s perfectly fine to let students cheat on their academics at any place other than Ohio State.

    1. James, what I don’t understand is (and I sincerely don’t know the answer) was the family friend who offered the loan in any way associated with the university? If not, what is the infraction? Student athletes can’t take out loans? I just hope to God he can prove that it was paid back. If so, that should lighten the blow I would think.

      1. Charlie–NCAA violation to accept money from anyone for any reason other than direct family which means mother and/or father I believe is the rule. If what Chase tweeted is accurate, I can’t see this as more than the Maryland game because the university self reported the violation and got out in front of it. How the NCAA reacts is another matter.

        1. WOW! All I can say is that because the NCAA is already in the cross-hairs of everyone from athletes to politicians with respect to their pay for play, the NCAA can further damage their reputation and credibility as an organization if they fail to behave somewhat reasonably in here. At least I hope so.

        2. Anyone other than an immediate family member is violation.If the person is discovered to be an agent, that’s bad news. If the person loaning the money ISN’T an agent, the NCAA classifies any personal loan as from a booster. My personal opinion is that the NCAA shouldn’t exist PERIOD. We aren’t a socialist state and no body should have the right to impose any type of sanctions other than each independent University.

          The NCAA exists by threat and extortion.

          1. Very much agree and well put, James Mills

  3. People who aren’t Buckeye fans often ask me, “Why do you defend Ohio State and always accuse the media of being out to get them?” To that I say, I don’t! I’m angry at all involved. Both can be true, no? After all these years Ohio State needs to learn to get the hell out of their own way and start learning to either do the right thing OR do a better job of hiding this shit like the SEC. I really do believe this. Why I tend to always find more anger towards the media has to do with timing and intent. Something happened in 2018, and this just happens to surface now that Young is the #1 player in the country and Ohio State is #1? I call bullshit! I find myself more angry at the sources, because the timing is more indicative of maliciousness than the ”crime” itself. The fact that a supposed infraction happened in 2018 tells me that someone decided to wait until the right moment to destroy a program or player. So yes, if you are in the business of doing that you are a douche bag!

    1. Also making it interesting is the now tabled knowledge and likelihood that players can make money off of their own images. Something that never should have been a violation in the first place. Nor should it ever be under the purview of the NCAA (or any other socialist entity) what players do with their own property.

      The NCAA implements nonsensical rules and by-laws quite simply………… benefit from the players and distribute those funds across the monopsony (socialism) members when a player goes off of their plantation.

      In this instance, had Chase Young offered the NCAA half of his personal loan, the NCAA would have ignored the hell out of it. As long as THEY get paid first, they’re down with anything. Just like with the mess that should have resulted in Ol’ Miss and rampant academic violations, or Cam Newtons “loan.” You can bet the NCAA and it’s oligarchy got paid to sweep it away.

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