Chase Young Will Return For Penn State Game

Ohio State football defensive end Chase Young

The NCAA’s verdict is in. Chase Young will return for the Buckeyes’ game against Penn State on November 23.

Young will serve the second game of a two-game suspension this weekend when Ohio State plays at Rutgers.

He violated NCAA rules by accepting a loan, reportedly to help fly his girlfriend to the 2019 Rose Bowl. Young identified the person who gave him the loan as “a family friend I’ve known since the summer before my freshman year at OSU.”

Young told the NCAA that he had repaid the loan in the spring of 2019.

He will serve the second game of a two-game suspension this weekend when the Buckeyes face the Scarlet Knights.

That will allow Young to return in time for the game against Penn State that will likely determine the winner of the Big Ten’s East Division.

Before the suspension, Young was off to one of the greatest starts of any Buckeye in history, regardless of position.

He has 13.5 sacks in just eight games of action. That puts him just a half-sack behind Vernon Gholston’s 2007 total of 14 for the school’s single-season record.

Young tweeted shortly after the announcement of his impending reinstatement.

At the time of the suspension, Young was on pace to break the NCAA’s single-season sack record of 24, set by Arizona State’s Terrell Suggs in 2002. (The NCAA did not officially count sacks as a stat until 2000.)

Now, he will have a tough time catching up to Suggs, even if he plays in all five possible games left on the Buckeyes’ schedule.

Still, it is unquestionably a major win for the Buckeyes to have their best player back before they have to face Penn State, Michigan, and a potential Big Ten Championship Game opponent in back-to-back-to-back weeks.

We will continue to update this story with new information and reactions as they become available.

Here is the full release from Ohio State.

Statement from the Ohio State Dept. of Athletics

November 13, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The NCAA has concluded its review of The Ohio State University Department of Athletics’ reinstatement request for student-athlete Chase Young, and it has determined that Young should be withheld from playing in one additional game before being eligible to resume competition. Young was withheld from Ohio State’s Nov. 9 game against Maryland while the department looked into and reported a possible NCAA issue from 2018. Young will also miss Ohio State’s Nov. 16 game against Rutgers in Piscataway, N.J.

“I want to thank and express my sincere gratitude to university staff members who worked so diligently and expertly to learn and understand the facts, and then to report these facts to the NCAA as part of our request to have Chase reinstated,” Gene Smith, Ohio State Senior Vice President and Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director, said. “This is the example of the culture of compliance we have at Ohio State.

“I also want to commend Chase Young and let him know how proud we are of him. He took responsibility for his actions, cooperated throughout the process and understood and accepted that there would be consequences. He’s a team captain and a leader and most importantly, a Buckeye. He wanted nothing more than an opportunity to play again and we’re pleased that he’ll get that chance.”

Ohio State had requested immediate reinstatement on behalf of Young in its formal report to the NCAA.

“I appreciate the expediency to which the NCAA reviewed and responded to our request for reinstatement,” Smith said. “We felt that based on the circumstances, the NCAA would use its leadership capacity to take an understanding approach on behalf of all student-athletes who find themselves in a similar position, and it certainly did just that.”

Ohio State plays on Rutgers at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at SHI Stadium.

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  1. Oh, that punishment really hurts. lol. The fix is in. I knew the timing was too perfect. Gene Smith is a veteran at these things. They should have made Young play the Maryland and Rutgers games for punishment and held him out for the last two. I think that would make more of an impression on guys who break the rules.

  2. Glad to hear that, in some ways there is a silver lining in this cloud as he will be well rested w/o any chance of injury. Furthermore it gives another reason for OSU to rally the troops. SERIOUSLY–we need to begin deliberate discussions about the NCAA and its purpose. A responsible young man borrows $800 and pays it back so his girl friend can see him play in the Rose Bowl. How and why is that the NCAA business’ anyway? Chase has character, the NCAA gets wealthy off of others’ back and on has interest in its own well being.

  3. Kentucky linebacker Denzil Ware was suspended one game in 2017 for accepting $1,628 in impermissible benefits from an agent. Stanford tight end Devon Cajuste was suspended one game in 2014 after receiving $400 in meals and movie tickets and a $3,000 loan for a bike from his landlord.

    But, CY gets two(2) games for a personal loan which was repaid within months. He gained no benifit from it. Seriously, NCAA?

    1. NCAA = National Communist Asshole Association.

  4. Chase Young might be tempted to make up for lost time. DON”T DO IT! Keep the demeanor you’ve displayed your entire Buckeye career. Keep the 1 the ONE and everything will come to you.

    Can’t wait to watch you back on the field on NOV. 23.

    gO bUCKEYES!

  5. Okay, everybody who’s been holding their breath – you can now officially exhale. The Chase will be on again – starting with Penn State. GO BUCKS!

  6. I would like to know how OSU learned about the incident. Did Chase Young tell them himself, or did someone “turn him in”? Sorry if the info was previously reported and I just missed it.

  7. Good news for us. Bad news for tsun and psu.

  8. Suspended 2 games for finding a way for your girlfriend to be with you during the biggest game of your young life. Any kid anywhere in the university would’ve done the same (hopefully including the ‘paid him back’ part) so how, exactly, does this benefit Chase as a student-athlete? It doesn’t and they know it. SHAMEFUL!

    1. it’s a shame that a player on any college football team is punished missing two games because he borrowed money from a friend to get his girl friend a trip to see him in the rose bowl. he paid it back. there was nothing underhanded or nefarious about the entire situation. the ncaa is like too damn politically correct and spineless. get someone and penalize them for some good reason, not for borrowing money from a friend.

    2. 2 things. 1. The NCAA is the only criminal in this. They prey on student athletes like a flock of buzzards. 2. Ohio State is ALWAYS the whipping post to be made examples of because the Compliance Dept is filled with politically correct COWARDS who stab the very SA’s they are supposed to be helping. They don’t work for Ohio State, they’re the gestapo working for the NCAA.

  9. Glad that Chase is back………NOW it’s time for EVERY member of that perverted person even associated with that whore house of the NCAA to ESAD……..they are nothing more than robbers and thieves and have no business NEAR college athletes with their greed.

  10. Good that it’s finally resolved and that there is closure. Too bad they didn’t make him eligible this week. His brothers will more than make up for him not being there. They won’t miss a beat and his 20 reps will go to someone who needs the experience and a pressure less game.

    1. Chase knew such a transaction should have been cleared through the proper channels. Glad the committed staff of the NCAA got this taken care of promptly.

    1. That would be the NCAA ratting out themselves. As long as they keep the SA’s on their plantation they’re fine with hiding their own corruption.

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