Ohio State Favored Over Rutgers by 50.5 Points, Largest OSU Line in Decades

Ohio State Buckeyes v Rutgers

The opening lines for next week’s college football games are now being released, and the Buckeyes have opened as 50.5-point favorites over conference foe Rutgers. [Note: As of 5:30 pm — or roughly three hours after this posting — the spread is now up to 54 points.]

The line is larger than any Ohio State line in at least the last 22 years. Larger even than Ohio State’s 2013 matchup with FCS opponent Florida A&M, who were 49.5-point underdogs.

The Buckeyes are currently ranked No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings, but will likely move to No. 2 behind LSU in Tuesday’s next release. Rutgers, meanwhile, is 2-7 on the season with their lone wins coming against Massachusetts and Liberty. Massachusetts, by the way, has opened as a 40-point underdog to a Northwestern team that has scored just 100 points in nine games this season.

Getting back to the Scarlet Knights, this has been a difficult season for Rutgers, who fired head coach Chris Ash in late September.

Rutgers is currently 13th in the Big Ten in scoring (14.7 ppg), 14th in scoring defense (36.7 ppg), 13th in total offense (280.3 ypg), 13th in total defense (431.2 ypg), and last or second-to-last in just about any other category you can think of.

The over/under for this game is also just 56 points, meaning the linemakers don’t see Rutgers scoring many points.

The Scarlet Knights have been shutout three times this season — by Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana. Even Maryland held them to seven points.

The Buckeyes were favored by 42.5 points this past weekend against Maryland when the lines closed, which was the previous high over a Big Ten team for Ohio State in at least 22 years as well.

The Buckeyes have been favored by at least 40 points just nine times over the last 22 seasons. Two of those times have come in the last two weeks.

2019: Maryland -42.5
2017: UNLV  -40.5
2017: Illinois -41
2015: Hawaii -41
2013: Florida A&M -49.5
2010: Eastern Michigan -44.5
2009: New Mexico State -44
1999: Ohio -43

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  1. Given that the area is a professional sports one, nobody in the NYC area cares in the least about Rutgers football, and the rest of the Big 10 teams are in the disdained “flyover” country so they don’t care about teams from the rest of the Big 10 either. Delaney’s idea that expanding there would bring massive riches simply has not come true.

    You can make an argument for Maryland given its basketball history, but Rutgers adds nothing but to the conference athletically. We certainly don’t need Maryland in the Big 10 to allow us to recruit there despite what some have suggested here, but as mentioned there may be other reasons to keep them.

  2. Dump Rutgers and Maryland and DON’T replace them at all. Instantly the conference becomes stronger and the Big Ten plays more meaningful conference games again against real Big Ten teams. Rutgers and Maryland have no business in this conference (except business). As far as who could replace them if you did, almost anybody would be better but there’s no need for 14 teams. This way we’d get to play more west division Big Ten teams.

  3. Kick Rutgers out. Have notre dame join the big 10 and put them in the west and give us Purdue

  4. 50.5 points just isn’t going to be enough for Rutgers to stay within 21 points of the Buckeyes. The 3rd team and back-ups are twice as good as the Rutgers roster. Ryan Day is going to have to figure out a miracle way to keep the Buckeyes below 84 points.

    The gun hasn’t signaled the START of the game yet, but it’s already over.

  5. Not to be a smart ass but I actually think you could go higher here. I think -55 or -60 would be appropriate. Rutgers is worse than Maryland!

      1. So who would replace Rutgers and Maryland and then; who would inherit the rich recruiting ground which gave us Deane Haskins and Chase Young. Let’s not be naive about why we have those teams.

  6. I am not saying this to be mean, but College Sports is a business and in business if you have a poor segment of your business you close it or sell it.

    So my question is why doesn’t the Big Ten just dump Rutgers ?
    Do we really take in that much more advertising money from the New York area having Rutgers in the league verses not having them in the Big Ten?
    How much money does the league pay to Rutgers that could go to the other schools in the Big Ten?

    Thanks for your input/

    1. Who would you put in their place? Syracuse is no longer sexy. Maryland killed them. They scored 34 points against va. in bb recently.

      Delaney wanted to go east not west or south for his inclusion. A good strategy, by all accounts. Maybe he didn’t want to disrupt the big of the Big.

      People have said the same about (insert team here) over the years. Everything is cyclical-even osu will be down again-at some point. That’s just the way things work.

    2. The viewing market alone is worth Rutgers being in the Big 10. That exposure is lucrative relating to recruiting.

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