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Ohio State-Michigan Game Trailer: ‘Fight Tough, Become Legends’

Ohio State Michigan Game Trailer Buckeyes Wolverines

The stellar Ohio State football hype department has released their latest masterpiece of a game trailer ahead of the Buckeyes’ battle in Ann Arbor against the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday.

The video begins with members of the Ohio State marching band playing LL Cool J’s “It’s Time for War,” which is a familiar refrain around the Ohio State football facilities this week, and every Michigan week since Urban Meyer took over in 2012.

Then comes the narration and highlights.

“The sights, the sounds, the pageantry.”

If this game doesn’t get you ready for Saturday, you might be clinically dead.

And if you do happen to be clinically dead, this video might just bring you back.

“There is no harmony in this rivalry’s refrain.”

Damn straight.

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  1. “Trailer”… so appropriate that we keep putting ‘after’… before! ;-{)}

    Our leaders of all kinds for this competition, and the hearts of our players, will decide which team is best… for that day, which approacheth right soon….


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