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Silver Bullets Podcast — Maryland Destruction, Boat Rowing, and Rutgers

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We did not think Ohio State would have too much trouble with Maryland and we showed that when we made mostly backup players our “picks to click” on last week’s show. Things escalated very quickly in the Horseshoe on Saturday and Ohio State was the airplane propeller in Raiders of the Lost Ark while Maryland was the Nazi who was trying to fight Indiana Jones, blissfully unaware of that oncoming propeller. Like that scarlet-colored cinematic incident, the Terrapins were not prepared for such violence to their persons. Chip and I discuss the game and look back at our predictions.

We took our customary lap around the Big Ten, noting a couple of marquee match-ups but none bigger than Minnesota (Wait, what? Minnesota? When did this happen?) against Penn State. The Illini are on a roll, the Spartans and Wildcats are bad, and Wisconsin kept its faint B1G title game hopes alive.

We also “preview” the Rutgers game and wonder if the cannon will sound on Saturday afternoon. Then we came up with our own top four teams in a world where Alabama gets the benefit of every doubt.

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