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Three Things To Watch For From The Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Some posts are more challenging to write than others.  After all, Ohio State has been especially dominant this season, and are making all of their opponents suffer by comparison.

Marcel Proust once stated, “We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.”.  As of Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm, I believe the Rutgers Scarlet Knights are truly going to experience suffering to the fullest.

The 2-7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights will host the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes.  The same Ohio State Buckeyes who have beaten Rutgers by the following scores over the past three seasons ~

2018 Ohio State 52, Rutgers 3

2017 Ohio State 56, Rutgers 0

2016 Ohio State 58, Rutgers 0

Ouch.  And to put it in perspective, Rutgers lost earlier this season to Maryland, 48-7.  Yes, that same Maryland team that Ohio State just thrashed 73-14.

While Rutgers is known for firing a cannon during its home games, perhaps the Scarlet Knights would be better served with a non-aggression pact, in lieu of playing the Ohio State game.  Or possibly a white flag of surrender?

As 52 point underdogs, it is truly testing me to think of areas I will be looking at with intensity at 3:30pm on The Big Ten Network.  Here are some random ideas…

1. Will Rutgers Score? – I realize how snobbish, elitist, and arrogant that statement sounds, but I am being genuinely honest and sincere.  Already this season, Rutgers has been the victims of three shutouts (at Iowa 30-0, at Michigan 52-0, which led to the firing of Chris Ash, and at Indiana 35-0).  Remember, Ohio State has shut out Rutgers twice over the previous three seasons.  Last weekend, Maryland was able to score points on the Ohio State backup defense, largely due to penalties and mistakes by the Buckeyes.  Will Rutgers be able to rely upon the same misfortune?

2.  Will Johnny Langan Be The Focal Point Of Rutgers’ Offense? – In their last game, a 38-10 loss at Illinois, Rutgers quarterback carried the ball 23 times for 41 yards, while also attempting 10 passes, completing 5 and throwing 1 touchdown and 1 interception.  An offensive juggernaut this is not, but will the Scarlet Knights try to use Langan in creative ways, in an effort to jump start their offense?

3.  Trick Plays – When you are a 52 point underdog, at some point, there has to be a mindset and willingness to do and try anything, no matter how absurd or foolish.  Will the Rutgers Scarlet Knights pull out some trick plays or gadget formations to try and catch Ohio State off guard?

5 Responses

  1. Watch for Rutgers to suck, that’s the 4th thing.

  2. You should’ve quoted Woody Hayes, Chip.
    “Nothing cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.”

  3. One “thing to watch for”: that beast in my mirror. For of what help can i be for my brother if i am feeding my breast?

  4. in the last month our distractions and arrogance have grown from a drip to floods from several directions.

    respect the game, respect the opponent.

    protect our quarterback.

    feeling ‘so special’ and ‘so better than them’ is ‘Die-versity suicide not waiting to happen’.

    It is… no accident.

    1. Aside from the Chase Young suspension, for something that happened before the season, I haven’t noticed any distractions or arrogance from this team. The fans and media can go to the limit with both, they’re not playing.

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