Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day ‘Lightning Round’ — Nov. 7

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters Thursday afternoon for his final media availability of the week. He answered a flurry of questions prior to Saturday’s matchup against the Maryland Terrapins. Here are the highlights of everything the Buckeye head coach had to say.

+ The most important stat other than points, Day likes first downs. There’s not just one great stat, but first downs are important in the Plan to Win.

+ The thing that keeps him up on Friday nights is making sure the players understand the opportunity that they have. Only a few times in your life can you have this presented to you. What allows him to sleep on Fridays is the leadership on the team and the way that they practice. Yesterday’s practice was as good as they’ve had in a long time.

+ Playing so many noon games creates some issues with bringing in out-of-state recruits if they don’t have bye weeks, but he likes noon games because you can get right to it and then he likes relaxing on a Saturday night after a game.

+ The bye week allows them to stop and take a picture of where the team is and where they’re headed.

+ The punt protection was completely unacceptable against Wisconsin. Several people were at fault. “We’re not going to let that happen again.” That will be fixed. “That was something that we were very embarrassed about.” They addressed it in the bye week.

+ It’s not easy to convince players that every game is bigger than the last, but if you lose one they all mean the same. They are all big. “You’ve got 12 games in the regular season and they all count the same.” They have done a good job of staying focused on that this season.

+ The offense hasn’t played close to its potential yet. “We can do so much better in so many areas.” They have only scratched the potential of how good they can be.

+ Justin Fields is smart and can handle a lot of information. He does a good job of putting the class room on the field. But now they’re going against defensive coordinators who have a lot of film on him.

+ Day called Chris Ash when Jonah Jackson appeared in the transfer portal. Ash couldn’t say enough good things, and that was enough of a recommendation for them. He’s a pro. He also talked to the defensive line at OSU about him and they all spoke highly of him.

+ This season has a long way to go, but there is a seriousness to the team. “There’s no time for silliness right now.” The games have too many consequences.

+ Jonathon Cooper is a special young man. He’s a really good captain, even though the year hasn’t gone as he expected. They look forward to eventually getting him back on the field.

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  1. That was what i was getting at, my thoughts also was that Myer got pissed off over his suspension and he decided to leave right then and there. When he came to Ohio State, what he said ,” these was the job of a lifetime, i’m from Ohio and i’m a big Buckeye fan , always have been.” Plus this head cyst has been a problem previously for which he had surgery for. It just got worse after the suspension to where he had to retire. Time will tell , but i’m a firm believer that he will coach again and soon. Oh, don’t get me wrong i was a big supporter of Myer, have been since his days at Bowling Green. He gave a lot to the Buckeye program, but his own honesty has been questioned in the past and will continue to be.

  2. Just for thing in general, what does every one think if Myer takes a head coaching job after retiring for one year? My opinion it stinks.

    1. Tom, if we finish out the year with a win against Michigan, a conference championship and a spot in the playoffs I’ll be fine with it. It will mean we haven’t missed a step. So far, so good. Meyer doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He’s done a lot and we should be forever grateful to him. That being said, if he does it coach somewhere in a year, it makes me think that after the issue with Zach Smith, he simply said, “F-ck it” to the administration for his suspension, and he simply wanted out.

      1. I’m with Tom on that question, Charlie. The problem is that Meyer would have lied- repeatedly, about not coaching again and about continuing to coach at OSU (certainly to the fan base, as the week prior to UM game he directly stated he would be OSU’s coach this season. Heaven only knows what he told active players or recruits). These lies would have been utterly with intent, and not “comments taken out of context” or “misstatements”. He directly stated his health was the prime mover for retiring and was quite final about it when he left (again, immediately after directly saying he would stay). Lots of folks sing Meyer’s praises, while ignoring some pretty ugly pimples (most of which involve a distinct unwillingness to be truthful when asked about issues which tended to cast him in a negative light). Charlie, you stated Meyer doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Actually, he does (or did), and if he coaches again those answers would have been lies. People will bang on me for this, I am sure. I guess it comes down to how malleable the individual fan is, when the issue is being lied to.
        PS- Although it is a side issue, it is absolutely accurate that OSU is in great hands with the current coaches. The issue at hand, however, was Meyer taking another job.

      2. I agree with you Charlie. I think urban was so totally pissed off at the administration specifically drake over his suspension last year that he knew right then that he wasnt coming back in 2019. His health issues were his excuse for “retiring.” In my opinion, he did not deserve the suspension. I find it interesting that both florida state and USC have come out and said no way would they hire urban and we all know urban has a huge ego and he isnt going to go to the rutgers of the world. I think the only job he takes is notre dame if they would hire him. I think he did a great job at ohio state minus the whole zach smith mess. However urban was responsible for this mess because he kept a problem and it pained me to read all of the nasty and negative garbage that was written about the university as a result. In my opinion ryan day is an upgrade compared to the 2017 and 2018 urban but no doubt overall urban was outstanding.

  3. Cooper will return. . .certainly if we make playoffs. . .maybe before.

    His hunger, leadership and ability will be unleashed at a time when needed most. He will have an impact this season.

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