Following Fiesta Bowl, Where Does Ryan Day Go From Here?

Ryan Day Ohio State Head Coach Buckeyes

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has a saying that he believes in, which is players win games.

Coaches make the money and get the credit, but it’s the players who make the plays to win the games.

Plays like Jeff Okudah and Jordan Fuller made in the third quarter Saturday night when Okudah stripped Clemson receiver Justyn Ross of the ball and then Fuller picked it up and ran it into the end zone.

A play like that is the difference between a win and a loss, so when that play was incorrectly reversed by the replay officials, they effectively dismissed Day’s assertion and laughed at his notion that players win games.

And this was well after the replay official buzzed down from on high in order to see if he could eject a Buckeye for tackling Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The fumble return would have given Ohio State a 23-21 lead and snapped Clemson’s 21-0 run since Shaun Wade’s ejection.

It would have grabbed momentum back from the Tigers at a very crucial time.

It would have proven to everyone that players win games.

Of course, that is not what happened.

Yes, Clemson’s players made plays to win games, but the difference is that those plays weren’t reversed by the cruel hands of injustice.

Ryan Day can reconcile losing games — even though he has the experience of just one loss as head coach — because players win games. Trevor Lawrence found his receivers at the end and they made plays to win the game.

If a team is bested, then they just go back to the drawing board and try to be better the next time. They decide to prepare better. To coach better. To teach and play better.

Sports is winning and losing. Both must exist.

But how do you reconcile a loss in a game where your players made plays to win the game and then those plays were stricken from the record. Or worse yet, your team was penalized for them?

In the lead-up to the game, Ryan Day said that he wasn’t ready to be done coaching this team. He was having too much fun. This group was too special to him to say goodbye.

And because of somebody up in the press box with a buzzer, one of Ohio State’s great teams is now done.

How does Ryan Day get over that?

I guess what you do now is make sure you’re never in that position again.

Players may win games, but sometimes human error can lose it. And so maybe he folds that into his plans from here on out.

Whatever you do, do your best to not allow the game to be taken away from you by somebody who isn’t even playing in the game.

Losses happen in every game, but for the first time as a head coach, a loss happened to Ryan Day.

There is no doubt it hurt, but he also spoke several times after the game of how angry he was.

He and everyone else saw a touchdown taken away. A touchdown in a game that Ohio State lost by six points.

How does Ryan Day accept that?

I’m not sure he can.

All you can do is work to never let it happen again.

Don’t put your fate in the hands of somebody who can watch something repeatedly from multiple angles at multiple speeds and still get it wrong.

I wouldn’t even allow that person to pick up my dry cleaning. There’s no telling what they would actually hand you upon their arrival.

“Here’s that Labradoodle you ordered, sir.”

“I never ordered a Labradoodle. But at least it’s wearing my suit jacket.”

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  1. The review process needs to be changed. I didn’t want to go that direction but bad officiating did cost us the game. Not on the field, mind you. The officials on the field got both of those overturned calls right (at least those SEC officials were honest). There wasn’t inconvertible evidence to overturn either of those calls and the fact they need to invent new bullshit words like “football move” is evidence of that. J.K. scored the TD and the other one was a recovered fumble and both were too close to overturn. The difference in the game was the two bad calls from the man behind the curtain upstairs. This has to change. It’s not about gracefully accepting a loss but about a hopelessly corrupt system. That game was so close that the replay booth decided the outcome. I don’t accept that. I don’t care which conference they are from.

  2. Will Big10 officials be doing the Championship game?

  3. Still so many emotions about this game. I don ‘t like to complain about officiating costing games, though that can happen. Refs are human and make mistakes too, though replay is supposed to have fixed that (hah).

    I thought targeting was the correct call on a bad rule. That needs changed to include intent, if that is possible. The difference between Wade’s targeting and the LSU targeting is clear. That has to be fixed.

    I’m still not certain of the correct ruling on the JK TD pass. Crossing the plane and making a catch both come into play and I’m not certain of which is right.

    The one that definitely cost us was the fumbled fumble call. That may well have cost us the game and is inexcusable.

    With all that said, we had the chance to put that game away in the first quarter. We didn’t put the dagger in, and it cost us. That is on our team. That’s why the games are played and just a part of what makes football such a great game, but it sure is hard to swallow a loss like this. I’m still hurting and feel like something was taken away.

  4. He needs to find a running back who can catch a pass.

  5. Maybe Coach Day and OSU should go after the officials in replay booth/SEC for monetary loss the school and coach will not receive

  6. Imagine if Clemson had recovered the fumble. There probably would not even had been a review. But if there was, that same crooked replay ref would have taken about 5 seconds to come back with – “the play on the field stands as called”. Someone needs to check that dude’s recent bank deposits. He did not accidentally ignore the rules of football.

  7. Sounds like thoughts from a writer who hasn’t competed at sports. To say that “sometimes human error can lose it” is definitely not the mindset real competitors would take. Chris Place was distraught, not because the zebras may have f’ed up but because he believed he f’ed up. SO MANY PLAYS that would have, could have been made. That’s sports! In my history book going forward I know the . Buckeyes were as good as it gets in 2019. Ryan Day will make it his focus to prove there is no doubt in the future. That’s what competitors and great coaches do after the smoke has cleared.

  8. Day will learn to mix his aggression with some conventional moments. Too many times in the first half we wasted 1st down in the red zone passing instead of running (even though they couldn’t stop our run). Also, considering they hadn’t stopped our offense all day there was absolutely no need to go punt block…especially when at worst we were going to get the ball mid field. Then, in the 4th qtr up 2 points with 3 minutes left at Clemson’s 40 yd line, 3rd & 4 should have been four down territory with two runs…yet we ran on third and punted on fourth. We couldn’t give them the ball back and we did, game over.

    Day is an excellent coach. What separated him and Dabo that night was Dabo’s composure. Clemson never coached like they were in a panic or desperation…we did at times when we shouldn’t have.

  9. Nick Satan from Bama would agree that this group of officials suck as they are the same group that added a second onto the game before half time to allow Auburn to kick a field goal and of course Auburn won the game by 3.

  10. IMO this is a matter for ‘top’ tOSU ‘leadership’ [AD on up] to resolve.

    Just as the SEC refs assigned had the “absolutely unambiguous appearance” of conflict of interest upon their appointment, even BEFORE the game…

    so would any Buckeye fan have one an ‘after the facts’ of the refs’ performance and ‘explanations’.

  11. Just watched the second half of the Illinois bowl game. Officials from the SEC again call a critical (non) targeting call followed by a missed call for reply of a fumble. Both resulted in scores for Cal. Unbelievable the trend here. Also Illinois almost double in penalty yardage. Never saw a hold called in either game! Truly an unbelievable trend!

  12. Tony- a couple thoughts:

    1) I hope that OSU publicly and privately makes things VERY hard on the booth people. I would actually go to the extent of refusing to play if the clown is in the booth again. The guy needs to be outed and these folks in general need to be made to answer for their decisions- everyone else involved gets grilled, they need to join the festivities.
    2) I’ve watched all manner of OSU games- OSU plays well and wins, OSU plays well and loses, OSU plays poorly and wins, OSU plays poorly and loses. The most unusual game is one in which the officials clearly determine the outcome of a game by undeniable incompetence. It goes beyond a couple bad calls here- I am referring to the refs deciding the game erroneously. That’s exactly what happened here, and the context was as bad as it could be. There is no way to erase the miscarriage that happened, and it will just get worse as the booth folks dig in and continue their lies.

      1. Gym Shorts- the UM/Ala games is tomorrow! Aren’t you giddy with excrement? How about excitement? You’ll never win this back and forth. I’ve watched over 400 OSU games and actually understood them, rather than falling back on truisms I heard when I was in band camp. Get a life (or, on second thought, go away)…you ARE the weakest link!

        1. Lol! I thought I could draw you back out for another comment. Sadly and pathetically predictable. How was band camp?

          1. You are small, Gym. Root on the Maize and Blue, won’t you?

    1. I agree with you 100%, Longtime Fan. They got the calls right on the field and then the man behind the curtain twice overturned calls without incontrovertible evidence and decided the outcome of the game. It reminds me of a roulette wheel with a button under the edge of the table. I believe Ohio State was cheated.

  13. Obviously. the powers that be didn’t want is to win that game. Also obviously, it’s over.

  14. Probably another Earle Bruce, which is good, we’ll never lose to Clemson in a CFP.

  15. What I would like to know is, who chose the SEC official(s) to be the replay official or officials? Its a well known fact that anybody from any of the Southern Conferences do not like OHIO STATE. Therefore, the replay person(s) chosen for that job should come from somewhere other than any Southern Conference or Southwestern Conference. There were at 2 calls in that game that came in opposition from the replay person(s) that took this game away from OSU, especially that pass completion, fumble followed by an OSU player picking up the fumble and running it into the end zone. That was clearly a completed pass that was incorrectly ruled an incomplete pass. Now I will add that OSU played poorly on offense early on when they had 3 chances in the red zone, couldn’t get it in the end zone and had to settle for 3 field goals. Also, Dobbins non-fumble ruled not controlled of the football when he dove over goal line, which at that time was in complete control of the football, should not have been overturned as he never lost control of the ball.
    And that targeting call against our best defensive was uncalled for as the opposing QB did not have to turn his head in front of the oncoming tackler. Besides that it was a glancing blow anyway and an act job by the Clemson QB. Even so, that new rule needs to be defined better or changed in some way or helmets need to be constructed in a better way to protect any player that gets headed in an attempt to make the tackle.

  16. Well said Tony, can’t add any words..hard to understand. Still a very proud Buckeye supporter of this team…the coaches and players. They gave it everything they had…all year. They never quit. They didn’t Saturday either. I wish the best for the Seniors and players that will be leaving and hope that the players returning will be committed to another long, hard preparation and successful new season.

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