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Buckeye SloopCast: S5E44 – Ghosts of Coaches Past

SloopCast Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle talk about the shocking return of Kerry Coombs, but this time as defensive coordinator. What impact will he have on the 2002 recruiting class? The fellas then discuss some hypotheticals on what coach they’d like to bring back from Ohio State’s past. They then look into the future and speculate about Buckeye head coaches to come. The show also touches on Justin Fields, Master Teague, Tuf Borland, and much, much more.

The Rundown

Coach Coombs returns… SHOCKER

Shutting down the 2020 class

If you could bring back a coach from any era?

Who is the head coach at #OhioState in ten years?

Head Coach Mickey Marotti?

Fields is primed to take another step forward

Is Master Teague THE guy at RB next season?

Love for Tuf Borland

Will both #OhioState DC be on the sideline?

#OhioState will be a YOUNG team this year

BBALL: The five W’s of #OhioState’s L’s

BBALL: Is the January slide actually a 2020 slide?

BBALL: At what point do we start questioning Holtmann?

Three Buckeyes as the top three NFL draft picks?

KJH draft stock on the rise?


The Floorwalkers
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