The 15 States The Buckeyes Have Never Beaten

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The 2019 Fiesta Bowl loss to Clemson was just the latest in a string of painful defeats for the Buckeyes against teams from the Palmetto State.

OSU is now 0-4 against the Tigers, the most games against any opponent who they’ve never beaten. They’re also 0-2 against South Carolina, in the 2001 and 2002 Outback Bowls.

South Carolina is one of two states which is home to at least one team which the Buckeyes have played at least once, but never beaten.

There are a total of 15 states whose teams the Buckeyes have never beaten.

Most are not exactly college football hotbeds. Nine don’t field any FBS teams at all, and the Buckeyes never played teams like Brown or Dartmouth when they were at the highest level of the sport.

Others, like Connecticut and Mississippi are home to FBS programs that historically haven’t usually played in the same level of bowl game as the Buckeyes.

There are a number of other states like Hawaii (win in 2015), New Mexico (win over NMSU in 2015), Arkansas (win in 2010), Kansas (win over KSU in 2003), and Wyoming (win in 1997) who the Buckeyes have only faced once in history.

Alaska: Never played, no D-1 programs

Connecticut: Never played, UConn active in FBS

Delaware: Never played, no FBS programs

Georgia (0-1): Lost 1993 Citrus Bowl to Georgia. Never played Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Georgia State.

Idaho: Never played, Boise State active in FBS

Maine: Never played, no FBS programs

Mississippi: Never played, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss active in FBS

Montana: Never played, no FBS programs

New Hampshire: Never played, no FBS programs

North Dakota: Never played, no FBS programs

Rhode Island: Never played, no FBS programs

South Carolina (0-6): Lost 1978 Gator Bowl, 2013 Orange Bowl, 2016 Fiesta Bowl, 2019 Fiesta Bowl to Clemson. Lost 2001 and 2002 Outback Bowls to South Carolina. Never played Coastal Carolina.

South Dakota: Never played, no FBS programs

Vermont: Never played, no D-1 programs

As you can probably imagine, a lot of these states are probably going to be on this list for the foreseeable future. Unless the Big Ten changes its views on scheduling FCS teams or the Buckeyes suddenly decide to schedule a home-and-home with UConn, most of those states are safe.

However, if OSU, Clemson, and Georgia all make the College Football Playoff in the same year, it’s entirely possible that the Buckeyes could get a chance to knock the “played, but never beat” number down to zero in a two-week span at some point soon.

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  1. Slow day? So pretty much this is the most useless information. Article should be the 2 states Ohio State has never beaten. The other states they have never played and thus have never lost or beaten, because they Never PLAYED. Holy click bate batman

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