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Watch: Buckeye Football Freshman Cribs | West Coast v. East Coast

CJ Stroud Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback

Classes are now underway at Ohio State, which means the freshmen football players who have enrolled early are now moved in and getting their first taste of being a college student.

Of course, that first taste may be a bit different than the average student, given the on-call chefs at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, but let’s digress.

Fourteen Buckeyes have enrolled early and the tremendous Ohio State football social media team is already at work making them known to fans.

First up is a tour of the 4-man dorm room belonging to defensive backs Lejond Cavazos and Kourt Williams, quarterback CJ Stroud, and receiver Julian Fleming.

Stroud and Williams are both California natives, so they have taken up residence in one room, while “East Coasters” Cavazos and Fleming are sharing the other.

Though to call these “dorm rooms” would be selling them short, as they are actually two bedrooms attached to a living room and a kitchen, which is much different than the experience for many others back in the day, including football players.

No longer are players and students canned together with no room to breathe. Residents are encouraged to have leg room, which is an underrated luxury in and of itself.

Clearly, the players have begun making a home inside the customary brick walls, as they show in this episode.

And it is either Stroud’s California background or life as a quarterback that has him trying to direct the episode almost immediately.

Stroud speaks briefly of  being homesick, and one way to keep players from getting too homesick is to have inviting dorm rooms with people around — but not too many people. The football facilities are also another factor in battling the homesickness that players experience, but the most effective combatant are the bonds that are formed early on. The reliance upon each other starts almost immediately.

Stroud also mentions at the end about getting pumped up by a speech from Ryan Day the night before. A portion of that speech can be seen in the video below the crib tour.

The Tour