Ohio State Announces Jersey Numbers For 2020 Football Team

Ohio State football jersey numbers

On the list of “sure signs of spring” this is right up there with the appearance of the first robin on your front lawn. The official 2020 Buckeye roster was just released in advance of spring football practice.

That means plenty of new players and jersey numbers to memorize.

This day isn’t quite as exciting as it was when there was an active NCAA Football video game to update with the new guys, but it’s a clear step toward more football being in your life, which is always a good thing.

A few of the numbers had already leaked out, including Chris “CO2” Olave, Teradja Mitchell, and Sevyn Banks finally wearing his name on both the front and back of his jersey.

Tuesday, the rest of the roster was released, including all of the early enrollee freshmen.

A few interesting items of note: there is no one assigned to No. 1 or No. 2 on defense yet, and no No. 8 on offense at the moment.

QB CJ Stroud and WR Kamryn Babb are both assigned No. 7 on offense. Stroud will undoubtedly be wearing a black non-contact jersey this spring, but one of those will have to change before the start of the season.

Players now sporting new and much sought-after single-digit jerseys: Olave, Mitchell, Demario McCall, Banks, Zach Harrison, Lejond Cavazos, Julian Fleming, CJ Stroud, and Jack Miller.

You can find the full listing on the official Ohio State website if you want to start memorizing all the new names and faces, but here’s a Cliff Notes summary of the biggest changes to know.

First, the returning players who are wearing new digits.

2: WR Chris Olave
3: LB Teradja Mitchell
3: RB Demario McCall
7: CB Sevyn Banks
9: DE Zach Harrison
15: SAF Josh Proctor
17: QB Danny Vanatsky
19: QB Jagger LaRoe
23: SAF Marcus Hooker
24: RB Marcus Crowley
25: RB Xavier Johnson
48: TE Corey Rau (transfer from SMU)
51: LB Trayvon Wilburn
55: DT Jerron Cage
62: OL Chris Kuhn
76: OL Harry Miller

Here’s a look at the early enrollees.

4: SAF Lejond Cavazos
4: WR Julian Fleming
7: QB CJ Stroud
9: QB Jack Miller
10: WR Mookie Cooper
11: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba
13: WR Gee Scott
16: CB Ryan Watts
29: SAF Kourt Williams
58: OL Luke Wypler
59: DE Darrion Henry-Young
69: OL Trey Leroux
77: OL Paris Johnson
93: DT Jacolbe Cowan

The players who will arrive in the summer have not been added to the official roster yet, and do not have numbers assigned to them at this time.