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PHOTO GALLERY: Winter At Ohio State University

Winter at Ohio State The Oval Snow

Every OSU student and alumnus has memories of trudging to class across a snowy campus during winter at Ohio State.

Many of them probably also have memories of deciding that Philosophy class could wait another day, and staying in their nice, warm dorm room or apartment instead of trudging across a snowy campus.

Winter at Ohio State can mean snowball fights or building a snowman on the Oval, ice skating on a frozen Mirror Lake, and on very rare occasions, a day when the University shuts down entirely.

This is the third in a series of seasonal photo galleries of the Ohio State University campus. You can click here to check out Summer at Ohio State and Autumn at Ohio State.

Winter is definitely not the most colorful season on campus, but it has its own charm. And it may bring back some memories of walking to a basketball game at St. John Arena or the Schott, or possibly walking up to the Ice Rink for a late night game of intramural ice hockey.

You can check out the full gallery below. If you’ve missed the slate gray skies of a midwestern winter, you are in luck.

And if you’re getting tired of the gray skies and snow, cheer up. Spring at Ohio State is right around the corner.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the field inside Ohio Stadium was plowed off to get ready for a lacrosse game scheduled there on Saturday.

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