Ohio State Spring Practice No. 1 in the Books: Ryan Day Reacts

Ohio State football Ryan Day press conference

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters on Monday following the opening of spring camp for the Buckeyes. The media was permitted to watch the entire practice. Afterward, Day answered questions from the reporters on hand about what was seen during the two-hour session. Here are the highlights.

+ The freshmen quarterbacks came in early to learn and get this camp under their belts. They’re learning, just as all of the mid-year enrollees are. They’re picking things up good as a group of freshmen, but things pick up a bit over camp.

+ The expectations for this program are the same he has for himself, so he’s as hungry as he’s ever been. “We know the expectations here. We’re hungry.”

+ The roster is “pretty full right now,” but there will always be an eye kept on the transfer portal.

+ There are a few guys nicked up right now, but they’ll be back soon. They will be smart about how they get the older guys involved. This is a time to work on technique.

+ Sevyn Banks is a guy who has to step up and they expect him to.

+ Today the three backup quarterbacks were rolling in with the twos and they’ll eventually roll in with the ones. They will let all three compete for the backup job and that will go into the preseason. “There’s a lot of growth to be had there.”

+ It’s been almost a decade since Ryan Day has had a starting quarterback return, “so it’s exciting.” “I’m proud of his development.” They have a list of things for him to work on. He got more and more responsibility last year as time went on, and now this is year two, so there will be more involvement continuing.

+ Regarding the H receiver: “We’ll see.” Hoping to get CJ Saunders back. Garrett Wilson is in there right now along with Demario McCall and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Still waiting to hear back from the NCAA on Saunders, hopefully by April.

+ Harry Miller is at left guard right now because they need to have their best five linemen on the field. He is a high-functioning football player being a natural center.

+ Cade Stover and Cormontae Hamilton were moved due to their respective skill sets. Stover was excited to move to tight end and Hamilton was excited to move to defensive line. They project Stover as a really good tight end. Larry Johnson liked what he saw from Hamilton in camp and they like his possibilities at defensive tackle or even end. These aren’t things that are forced. Both guys want to get on the field as soon as they can. It was their decision, not OSU’s.

+ This is a talented group of freshman WRs. The receivers in general in HS football are further along because of 7-on-7 football. Gee Scott had mature releases. All four freshmen have a chance to play and be successful. “But for day one, better than expected.”

+ Day has proposed a 5-day spring practice schedule for Ohio high schools. Hopefully it gets passed when it gets voted. It’s good for the development of players around the state.

+ Harry Miller being able to play both guard and center is important and they think he’ll be fine doing it.

+ The first fall practice is basically practice 16 of the offseason because they’re not working on the install for the first game yet.

+ Replacing JK Dobbins is a concern. You can’t lose production like that and not notice it. The running backs will need to step up in a big way.

+ Jahsen Wint and Amir Riep will not be returning to the team.

+ Regarding the slot corner spot, you find your best three guys. Kerry Coombs will figure out their skill sets and put them where they need to be.

+ “It’s just day one.”

+ Garrett Wilson’s spatial awareness is off the charts. He has great range. He can catch the ball and put it away and make moves. His skill set fits the slot receiver.

+ His kids were the most excited people regarding his new contract because they knew they wouldn’t have to be the new kids in school any time soon. “Hopefully 20 years” Day will be at Ohio State.

+ Demario McCall is starting out at slot but can always move back to running back. They are always trying to find that role for him. It didn’t work out last year because of how important JK Dobbins and KJ Hill were last year. “But we’re going to do that this spring.” Marcus Crowley will be back before the season starts.

+ Pete Werner is moving around, just getting him different looks. The defensive staff is meeting and talking constantly about where to put guys and how to use them.

+ “Just as I remember him.” Kerry Coombs hasn’t lost a step.

+ Corey Dennis was natural on the field today. He’s got his hands full. He knows the system and he knows how to teach. He’ll make mistakes, but Day is still there at times. More is asked of Dennis because that’s Day’s position. “He’ll do great.”

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  1. Sounds like most u guys should have been osu head coach y’all know it all

  2. Hey coach enough of the obligatory “like to have CJ Saunders back” you are all alone imo.Cant stay healthy but let’s waste a scholly on him.

  3. HIs natural position is center, with his high football iq. He is not going to beat out myers for center. In order to get the 5 best linemen on the field, miller moves to lg.

  4. What does it mean “+ Harry Miller is at left guard right now because they need to have their best five linemen on the field. He is a high-functioning football player being a natural center.”?

    1. Buckeye in Xichigan,
      Harry Miller was a center when he was recruited and blew the staff away with his ability and smarts for it last year. But with Josh Myers only 1 year ahead of him and departures along the OL they’re putting him at guard because a) there’s a pressing need at guard and b) just as they’ve done for the past decade the Buckeyes LOVE when someone on OL goes down to slide over someone who can handle the position rather than bring someone cold off the bench for center and LT. Starting Miller at LG allows them to do that if Josh Myers gets hurt. Other guard prospects wouldn’t be able to do that but guard is a little less important so if you’re going to bring anyone in cold guard is where you’d prefer.

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