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Turns Out, Buckeye Fans Aren’t Interested In Losing To Michigan, Even Hypothetically

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So there I was, just minding my own business on a Friday afternoon, taking part in a YouTube session talking Ohio State football with Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV, Steve Helwagen of Bucknuts, and Kevin Noon of Buckeye Grove, when I happened to tweet out this innocent little Twitter poll.

“Buckeye fans, would you accept a loss right now to Michigan this year if it meant that the season would take place normally with no alterations?”

With the uncertain nature of the coronavirus over the next few months, there are already discussions about the impact that this could have on the college football season.

Athletic directors around the country are losing sleep over the possibilities.

Buckeye fans, however, are willing to roll the dice.

I thought in this current era of giving and brotherhood, I would ask this simple little question and allow the people to show their compassion to the human race.

Even if it was just hypothetical.

It turns out, however, the even hypothetically, Ohio State fans don’t really have any compassion when it comes to Michigan.

And as was replied to me on our message board, “There are no stupid questions, just stupid people with questions.”

Just the thought of losing to Michigan pretty much makes any scenario a no go, as evidenced by the 3,500 or so fans taking part in the poll below, with around 90% of them saying, “No thanks.”

Except, they’re not just saying, “No thanks.” They’re saying many more things.

Such as.

There are also the militants.

And of course, the .gifs.

And also the fact-bringers.

And then there are those who REALLY need help.

6 Responses

  1. Gerd, ask this question after the first two weeks of the season are canceled… and see how many people change their mind… after no football.

    That said, I expect the entire football season to be canceled… and I still would never want the Buckeyes to lose to TTUN.

  2. This is like asking, would you be okay with eleven feet of snow falling in one blizzard if it meant that there would be a normal winter, with no alteration.

  3. Tony, this is a trick question. A loss to Michigan does not qualify as a normal season, with no alterations.

  4. I hope no Michigan fans see those embarrassing answers by those mental midgets representing what I would hope is not the majority of Buckeye fans. Just the less evolved clearly.

    1. I think you might take things a little too seriously. Lighten up. In fact, there is quite a bit of irony in the man who actually took this to heart calling others, who clearly got the tongue & cheek tone of this question, “mental midgets”. SMDH & LOL

  5. If me signing up for a loss to michigan is what it takes for College Football to live…then somebody better prepare the eulogy. And as they exit the funeral please let them sing “Ohhhhhhhhhh, we don’t give a damn for thole state of michigan…”

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