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The Greatest Ohio State Football Photos: 2002 to 2011

Greatest Ohio State football photos

Last time, we shared the 100 greatest photos in The-Ozone’s history. We’d encourage you to go back and peruse through that gallery of the greatest Ohio State football photos we’ve ever taken when you’re finished with this one.

Today, we’ll look at the shots that just missed being included in the “top-100” gallery. Fortunately, with as many big games, big plays, and big moments as the Buckeyes have had since 2002, there’s a lot of greatness that fell outside of the first hundred shots.

This post will include the “just missed” shots taken from 2002 to 2011, the Jim Tressel and Luke Fickell years.

As with the previous gallery, these photos aren’t ranked. Instead, they’re listed more or less chronologically from the start of the span in 2002 to the end in 2011.

That means you’re getting freshman sensation Maurice Clarett right out of the gate, along with another angle of Mike Nugent beating Marshall in 2004, Ted Ginn torching MSU in 2004, more wins over Michigan, and the memorable home-and-home with Texas in 2005 and 2006.

Further back, you’ll find a Rose Bowl-clinching field goal against Iowa, Dane Sanzenbacher dump-trucking some poor woman on the sidelines, and more. Yes, there is a Rose Bowl trip included in here, so you’ll even get a glimpse at a Pasadena sunset shining on the San Gabriel mountains.

But it’s not all big moments. There are plenty of “that’s just cool-looking” shots of acrobatic catches, crunching hits, and more.

We hope you enjoy this look through some of the highlights of the Jim Tressel era. We’ll have additional posts looking at other incredible photos and moments from 2002 to 2019 in the coming days.

Do you have a favorite shot from this gallery? Is there anything in the gallery below that should have been included in the original “Top 100 Of All-Time” post? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

(Note from the photographer: For optimal viewing, make your window full screen (F11 on PC), click on the first image and click the play button on the lower tool box, minimize that menu with the center down arrow. Enjoy! – Jim Davidson)

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