Two Minute Drill: Tight ends

Ohio State football Jeremy Ruckert

Kevin Wilson

– Kevin Wilson is the tight ends coach but he also has the title of offensive coordinator. Wilson was asked several questions regarding other positions, specifically running backs and quarterbacks.  As to running backs, Wilson said the game is such now that you really need three running backs to be ready. Right now OSU is depending on Master Teague and transfer Trey Sermon and those two players are showing that they can fill the bill. The third spot is still up for grabs. Marcus Crowley is not yet fully recovered from his injury, but players like Steele Chambers a and Demario McCall are competing for that third spot.

Wilson also said that Justin Fields is not just a great athlete, but now has also become a great leader.  He has really embraced his leadership role over the past six months and now is a bona fide team leader.  Jake Hausmann said an example of that was that Fields was throwing with the tight ends recently and actually ran routes to demonstrate exactly how he needed that route to be run. Hausmann and the other tight ends all pointed to that as an example of how Fields has stepped up his team leadership.

-Wilson said that the practice schedule is somewhat defined by the fact that they cannot yet put on pads and hit. Also, the lack of spring practice set some of the younger players back some, but not in a manner you might expect. He said they all got play reps over the summer and probably got more play reps than they would have normally gotten in a normal spring practice scenario. That they missed, however, was the tough grind that a normal practice schedule presents, so they have some catching up to do in that area.

-Wilson says the tight ends have focused on playing faster and are playing faster now than they ever had. Playing faster was a point of emphasis and the results have been very good.

Luke Farrell

-Farrell said the ups and downs of the off-season were hard to handle at times but the players all kept the hope that eventually they would play.

-Farrell said the players have discussed how different it will be playing in an Ohio Stadium without fans. Farrell said they will have to bring their own energy on the sideline because they won’t have that crowd to feed off of for energy,

Jake Hausmann

-Hausmann has waited his turn to play at OSU and that time has finally come. He said he was able to  stay patient because he knew he was at the right place to develop to his maximum potential. He had opportunities to play elsewhere but the fact that he was being developed so well helped him stay the course. Now he is very glad he stuck around.

-Hausmann said that Cade Stover is really doing well as a tight end. He is extremely athletic and has the physicality to hold his own on the line of scrimmage as a blocker. It’s hard switching positions, but Stover is doing a great job of it.

-Hausman is impressed with Trey Sermon. Called him a great practice player who leads by example and doing everything the right way.

Jeremy Ruckert

-Ruckert says he and the tight ends have not discussed any receiving goals for this season. The only goals he currently thinks about is beating Nebraska and winning a national championship.

-Ruckert said the months in which the season was still up in the air were really tough.