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Ryan Day promotes from within to replace retiring Greg Mattison

Matt Barnes Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Ryan Day announced today that he has hired from within to reshuffle his defensive coaching staff.

The changes were made necessary when co-defensive cooardinator Greg Mattison announced his retirement.

With Mattison’s departure Kerry Coombs will assume the role of defensive coordinator without a co-coordinator. Coombs will spend less time with the defensive backs and will have more involvement with the front seven than he previously had, but still will remain involved with the defensive secondary as well. His pervue however will be much broader.

Replacing Coombs as the defensive backs coach will be Matt Barnes. Barnes has been OSU’s special teams coordinator and assistant defensive backs coach.

Added to the coaching staff is Parker Fleming. Fleming has spent the last two years at OSU as the quality control person for special teams.

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  1. Surely there was something better out there to help Coombs. Maybe another season of bad defensive back play, time will tell.

  2. Is this the second hire where the new coach is either a g a or a nepotism hire? Or both?

  3. I’m not overly thrilled by this, but OSU’s D was only beat by one team and that was the beast, AL, which no one contained. Remember in the title game, AL went full throttle. IN torched us for basically 15 minutes, we did not give up a point or any sort of drive the last 10:25 of that game and for the first 35 minutes of that game, IN scored a paltry 7. In the title game, OSU shut down NW, a team that thrived in the 2nd half after their early surge. OSU’s D held Clemson to 28, one less point than Clemson scored on us the year before. There is a point to continuity of staff, something that due to OSU’s success has been hard to come by.

  4. Ryan Day just defined his career at Ohio State.

  5. This is NOT a good sign and NOT something that has me excited.

    Everything this program does should be merit based or resume based. I’m not sure that Barnes can make that case for either. The 2020 DB performance was not great. It just wasn’t.

    1. You have to admit the D backfield wasn’t very experienced and had little time to learn their new positions. You’re not considering all the factors.

      1. Is there ever a reason for osu to finish 122 out of 126 teams in passing defense? No matter the season, or the reason, there’s no doubt osu out recruits 122 teams out of the 126 teams in div. 1. Poor coaching and player development and uneven db recruitment.

    1. True, but it’s hard to keep superb DB’s when they leave early for top notch draft picks and one of our DB’s was injured.

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