Two-Minute Drill: Ohio State Spring Game Postgame Quotes

Ohio State football Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day

COLUMBUS – Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, graduate offensive tackle Thayer Munford, and junior defensive end Zach Harrison met with the media following the 2021 LiFE Sports Spring Game on Saturday.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Ryan Day

+ The number one goal was to come out of this healthy. He held his breath on a coupe of plays but they had a physical spring.

+ The most exciting part was being in the stadium, seeing the band and seeing the fans. “It felt normal out there.” He is hoping it is full when they come out against Oregon in the fall.

+ On the quarterbacks, he saw some good and some not so good. “A lot of learning opportunities there.” They tried to do some red zone and two minute drills. “The more they can prepare and work in the film room and grind in the meeting rooms, the better they can prepare and be ready.”

+ On the quarterbacks, “now the race is on over the next few months to see who can make the next stride.”

+ Jack Sawyer was off to a great start. He is working his way up in the depth chart. He came in with a lot of confidence and he has made a lot fo plays. “What you saw today was like every practice out there.”

+ On the aggressiveness of the quarterbacks, “you can’t go out there and win the job on one play. If you force the action, you’re going to get jammed up.”

+ “It’s not about winning the day it’s about wining the job so you can go out there and help us win.”

+ This was a small glimpse of guys taking reps. A whole body of work is built from the first spring practice until a game.

+ On the young receivers, Day said they have been focused on  fundamentals and blocking and all of the things that happen when the ball is not in their hands. Because of that they have been getting more balls. They are providing depth and are coming along. He is impressed with all of the young guys. They have shown they have the ability to play this season. They are not where they need to be and a lot of work needs to be done but they have bright futures.

+ On a quarterback as a leader, Day said quarterbacks need to make the routine plays routinely but when it comes down to the fourth quarter in a close game, they have to make plays. Managing the game is a part of the job but they have to make plays to win games. He is hoping early on that if they can keep the offense moving and get the balls into the right skill players’ hands, that’s a great start. But somewhere along the line they have to step up and make play to win games. “That’s a part fo the process.”

+ On the running backs, Day said they are always looking for versatility at the running back position.

Thayer Munford

+ He was happy for the fans. “It was good to have them back in The Shoe.”

+ On Jack Sawyer, “he has been doing this very consistently.” He has been working and he has a motor.

+ He feels very comfortable with all of the quarterbacks. “It’s a right race. They compete everyday. When someone makes a bad throw, we all pick them up. Whoever it will be in the fall is going to be tremendous.”

+ On the work that needs to still be done, Munford said it was one of their best springs. “It has been the best spring I have been apart of. I am happy with where we’re at right now but we’re never really satisfied because we have goals we want to accomplish as well.”

Zach Harrison

+ He feels great about their group on defense. They are flying around, making plays, and having fun.

+ Jack Sawyer is legit. He is going to be a great player.

+ He thinks the pass defense made a lot of improvements. They are a more experienced team than they were last year. They took the defensive struggles last year very personal and they learned from it.

+ He is getting more comfortable and his confidence is high.

+ He believes in all of the quarterbacks.

+ On the linebackers, Harrison said the linebackers are the glue that hold the defense together. The linebackers they have are making plays and are giving a lot of effort.

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