Massage Therapist Targeted Ohio State Football Team For Sexual Activity

Ohio State University Campus Autumn Columbus

COLUMBUS – A female massage therapist, independent from Ohio State, “engaged in inappropriate and exploitative behavior targeting members of the Ohio State football team.”

An independent investigation found that she “carried out a scheme for what appeared to fulfill her personal infatuation with Ohio State football student athletes.” The report was shared with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office.

The investigation found no awareness by university officials, including head coach Ryan Day and his staff. There will be no NCAA implications. The state has revoked the massage therapist’s license.


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  1. Ok so we have a charge. Is she going to jail or in jail? How is this different than the DeShawn Watson fiasco? Only reversed.

  2. wow, and the real shame of this sort of thing is that it sets back the voices of those that have been victims of sexual abuse or harassment. Also another possible reminder how toxic social media can be.

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