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WATCH: Michigan Week Press Conferences

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COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, defensive end Zach Harrison, defensive lineman Haskell Garrett, offensive lineman Nicholas Petit-Frere, and wide receiver Chris Olave met with the media to provide updates and preview the game at Michigan on Saturday.

You can watch the full press conferences below.

Ryan Day

Zach Harrison 

Haskell Garrett

Nicholas Petit-Frere

Chris Olave

3 Responses

  1. I’m putting my money on Ohio State to beat the spread. I respect the rivalry but don’t buy into any upset scenario today. Why?

    Because OSU has Ryan Day and Michigan has Harbaugh. Harbaugh is not Bo Schembechler and John Cooper left a long time ago. What appeared to be Michigan dominance was only during Cooper’s cursed era.

    Go, Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!


  2. I hope they’ll just stop talking now. Everything has been said and we are overloading with endless hype and speculation. You don’t need to hype this game. ESPN and the others do it to extract more profits because that’s what they’re in it for.

    That being said, I’m all excited to see them play without having to hear all the drivel. I’m glad to see Fox doing it for a change and Joel Klatt is superb but I hope Gus Johnson can rein in his non-stop babbling a little because he’s gotten as bad as Herbstreit with the endless nauseating stream of empty jabber and cliches in between and while plays are happening. I’ve got to turn the volume way down sometimes. Half of what they’re saying is off the field stuff and cultural memes anyway, I love the on the field sounds, the band, stadium announcers, the crowd noise, etc. That’s what’s great about being at the games, that you don’t hear that constant drivel of a corporate effeminate soy boy’s thoughts. Gus is a Michigan guy (but at least he doesn’t bawl like a baby). Watch for his disappointment when the Buckeyes roll. And roll they will.

    I’ve been watching these since 1968 and I know the rivalry. The Wolverines are going to embarassed…again. The Buckeyes are better across the board, they are well coached and will be ready, and they have Ryan Day instead of Jim Harbaugh. UM is overrated as usual by a fawning media. I hope they don’t go to the Rose Bowl because they will embarrass the Big 10 like they almost always do if they play Utah.

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