Urban Meyer takes exception to Twitter remarks made by Marcus Williamson

Ohio State football cornerback Marcus Williamson

Former OSU defensive back Marcus Williamson had some controversial things to say about former OSU Head Coach Urban Meyer. Williams posted his allegations on Twitter during  and after the game last night.

Jeff Snook was able to reach Meyer for his response. Snook has filed the following report on Facebook. It is reproduced below with his permission.

“Former Ohio State player Marcus Williamson went on a Twitter rant last night during and after the Rose Bowl, and among his allegations was that former coach Urban Meyer had a ‘no hoodie rule,’ and that he had also displayed a picture of Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie as an example.”

“I talked to Meyer Sunday morning about Williamson’s allegations and he responded: ‘Our team rule was no hats or hoodies or sunglasses of any kind but only in team meetings, just so we could see their eyes and make sure they were paying attention and not asleep. We did not, and never would show a picture of Trayvon Martin. My gosh, no. That is absolutely false and you can check with any other player on my teams during that time to confirm what I am saying. Other players know what he is saying is false. I would never do that. He is crossing the line here. It seems people are just piling on now. But that never happened.'”

“Martin was the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, in 2012. ”