The-Ozone mourns the passing of Jim Davidson

Senior photographer and photo editor Jim Davidson

The Ozone mourns the passing of Jim Davidson. He passed last night of complications following surgery.

Jim began as the-Ozone’s full-time photographer in 2002. He served continuously in that capacity until 2019 when he had to give up sports photography for health reason.

Jim was an exceptional talent. There are many photographers who are proficient with today’s photo technology, but very often those technically skilled individuals lack the artist’s eye and ability to frame and and compose a photo image. Others have that eye, but lack in technical acumen. Jim was the unusual individual who excelled in both of those areas. The result was stunning photo work that was technically as perfect as possible.

Jim will be remembered for his passion for Ohio State football, and his desire to create a photo record of that program. His passion for OSU sports did not, however, end with football. He was just as passionate about creating the same kind of quality photo record for men’s and women’s basketball, hockey, baseball, wrestling, and any other sport that he could find time to photograph.

Within the-Ozone staff, Jim will be remembered as a friend.  He had his moments of frustration, but that was usually because the work at hand was not measuring up to the high standards he held himself to.  If the work wasn’t perfect, he would work at it until it was. That could sometimes led to uncomfortable situations, but where photos were concerned Jim would never, ever compromise. The work had to be excellent, and it was that attitude that made his work, all of it, extraordinary.

He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Jim is survived by two sisters. A fund has been established to pay Jim’s final expenses and medical bills. Contributions can be made at

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  1. This has been bothering me, and I thought about letting it go but I just can’t. My sister and I were told by another Photographer of the OZONE that Ohio State was planning on a small memorial for our Brother Jim Davidson at the Spring game on April 16th. We as Jim’s family were excited to here this and was even told they would like Jim’s Family present. We were unable to go because we were clearing out Jim’s apartment, so my sister contacted the person in charge of planning this to see if someone could record it for us so we had a copy. Well to our surprise this person had NO CLUE WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. He told us he NEVER SPOKE TO THIS PHOTOGRAPHER FROM THE OZONE, and NOTHING in Jim’s memory was even being planned. We were so disappointed to hear this news that a man that our Brother considered a friend would OUT RIGHT LIE TO US. IT IS UNFORGIVABLE, and I don’t see how this man can sleep at night. You should be ashamed of yourself but I know you never will be.

  2. Jim Davidson was a joy to all whose lives he touched. A master photograher, a computer guru, a Navy Veteran (Nuclear, subs), and my best friend for 40 years.

    Jim made people’s lives better. He came to my computer/camera rescue many a time, asking nothing.

    He drove two hours to spend time with my wife and me, according to Jim, simply for my wife’s dinners. My wife would call and ask what he’d like. Big comfort food fan (didn’t hurt me any either).

    He was there for everyone. If you knew Jim, then I can stop writing, because you know. If you didn’t know Jim, read these words knowing what love of mankind means. Jim personified putting the next guy first.

    Jim, it was an honor to share the planet with you, my friend. If there’s a flipside, we’ll look forward to seeing you again.

    (Hopefully to help mw adjust my wings) 🙂

    Rest, my friend, and let that last breath be one of peace.

    Dan Shepherd

  3. When I 1st started photographing Ohio State sports in 2007 Jim was one of the 1st people I met. After getting to know him thru the years it was a treat to see him on the sidelines. Always willing to answer questions, in his unique way. Jim set the standard we all try to achieve in our photography both on and off the field. He will be missed.

  4. Very sorry, appreciated his passion and quality work that enhanced all articles. RIP!

  5. Jim was a generous man. I have a beautiful framed photo of Ohio Stadium hanging in my office he was nice enough to give me. I was very sorry to hear of his passing.

  6. Very sorry to hear this news – I almost feel like he was a friend. He was so talented, hard working, and dependable. He really connected all O-Zoners through his work and his art. On a Sunday, the game seemed like it wasn’t over until I saw his (and Dan’s) photographs

  7. Get life insurance people. When you are young and healthy
    It’s dirt cheap

    1. My name is Dee Davidson Heckathorn, Jim was my Brother and one of the best men I know. He would help anyone in the world if he could. I am asking please do not put negative comments on here, my Sister and I do not need to hear that, so please, if you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say anything at all.

  8. I’ve been following Ozone since my college years (2000), so I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy all of Jim’s photos through the years. I’ve always made a point to click on all of the galleries no matter the sport. He had an amazing eye for action and framing his subjects. I will miss his galleries, and I send well wishes to all the Ozone staff throughout the years who knew him.

  9. Oh wow I am very sorry to hear this…been a reader of this site since the late 90’s and I know how big a part Jim played…prayers for and condolences to his family.

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