Ohio State Postgame: Ryan Day, C.J. Stroud Talk Following 52-21 Win vs Wisconsin

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and quarterback C.J. Stroud met with reporters immediately following the Buckeyes’ 52-21 win vs Wisconsin.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Ryan Day

+ The crowd was unbelievable and they don’t take that for granted.

+ On the young corners stepping up, Day said they are not expecting the injuries to be long term but not having Cam Brown and Denzel Burke in the game was concerning. But Jyaire Brown and JK Johnson practiced hard, they competed, and Tim Walton did a good job of getting them ready. He is proud of them.

+ On two running backs with over 100 yards, Day said they both are unselfish and care about the team. TreVeyon Henderson’s energy was off the charts. He ran hard and so did Miyan Williams. “I think we have something good going on in that room.”

+ On the balance offensively, Day said the balance was solid and they controlled the time of possession even with being a no huddle team. The tempo and mix of run and pass in this game is what they were looking for.

+ Stroud was really good in a lot of spots against a really good defense. The protection broke down on two huge plays but he had five touchdowns. His energy was good and he played good.

+ On making Wisconsin defend sideline to sideline, Day said that’s what they are looking for. “Tonight I felt like we did get into a rhythm.”

+ “I think you can see what this team is made of.” The biggest challenge is bringing it every week.

+ He is proud of the way the defense came in.

+ On controlling Braelon Allen, Day said they did a great job of gang tackling. “We had extra guys come to the party to get him down.” They took out some of the starters and he hit a long run and they have to figure out why that happened but that is on him. Knowles would have preferred to have his starters still out there.

+ Cade Stover took a tough hit. He deserves everything that he’s getting. He is a big part of their offense and he is a versatile player. They are constantly trying to find ways to get him involved.

+ On Tanner McCalister setting the tone defensively, he has played a lot of football and shows poise and calmness back there. He and Ronnie Hickman help with that.


C.J. Stroud

+ On distributing the ball, Stroud said they had momentum coming out quick and he has built chemistry with everyone in the offseason.

+ On having two running backs being able to put up numbers, Stroud said they have both been great setting the tone and blocking. He tells them, “we don’t move if ya’ll don’t move.” They take that to heart.

+ They work plays so hard that he enjoys the win but he knows he could always be better. He will take that interception he threw too early because he though Marvin Harrison Jr. was going to break.

+ On creating a conflict for defenses with a balanced offense, Stroud said it’s amazing and it makes his job a lot easier. He wants to keep both aspects rolling well.

+ On Cade Stover, Stroud said he’s a “swiss army knife, he can run, block, do anything.” Stover is going to continue to be great.

+ It was his job to calm the offense down and just get them to execute and he did that. Day also called a great game.

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