Post-Practice Notes, Ohio State Players Preview Northwestern

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A handful of Ohio State players met with the media following the Buckeyes’ Wednesday practice to preview Northwestern.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Emeka Egbuka

+ On the blocking on the bubble screens, Egbuka said they know they need to get better. There’s nothing they can do about what happened on Saturday but they are making sure it doesn’t happen again.

+ Spending two hours Saturday night after the game working at the facility on the juggs machine was the “minimum.” He loves football and sometimes does it to clear his mind and it gets him better at the same time.

+ The team is always focused on the Michigan game.

+ On the fourth quarter comeback, Egbuka said it’s a testament to what they do in the training room all year. They had a big emphasis on being tough and they always hear that they aren’t tough teams, only talented.

Jordan Hancock 

+ Before his injury he felt like he did make a move but he wasn’t complacent. The injury was a bummer but he is trusting his plan.

+ “Playing at Penn State, you can’t not play with confidence.”

+ He wants to continue to work on discipline and his eyes.

+ Denzel Burke is always a team player. He is glad to be his teammate. The cornerback room is extremely close.

Denzel Burke

+ He keeps his head down and works and focuses on his technique. He believes in his technique and in himself. “I just have to keep going and play the game I play.” He focuses play by play, and doing his job on each play.

+ Injuries are a part of the game but he focuses on having a strong mind and controlling what he can control. He had the least amount of reps from the cornerback room from the pre-season because of a shoulder injury but he is grateful to fully practice now. He learned to do different things with his body.

+ On the cornerback role, Burke said, “on an island, mistakes aren’t forgiven out there.” The mentality is different because they have to be so disciplined. “You have to be on your Ps and Qs.”

+ His hand injury happened in practice when he batted a ball down and the joint separated. He got surgery that week and was still in pain on game day. He wanted to play, put the club on, but couldn’t do it.

+ Jordan Hancock is “big time.”

Lathan Ransom

+ The team isn’t looking ahead. They are focused on improving each day in practice. They have embraced competitive stamina and they see the change. They are trending upward with it.

+ Denzel Burke is one of the hardest workers. He knew Burke would shake off some of the games that bothered him and would ball out.

+ Being challenged by Penn State will help them moving forward.

+ Northwestern has a great running back and they use him a lot of different ways. Their slot receiver is also really good. They are excited to go to Northwestern and play them.

+ On the defensive performance against Penn State, Ransom said they want to win the turnover battle, but the big plays were unacceptable and they will make sure it won’t happen again.

Paris Johnson Jr.

+ He isn’t afraid to ask questions and that was something he had to learn. He isn’t afraid to sound dumb or not sound like the veteran in order to get clarification and he has seen it show up on the field.

+ On the commitment to getting the run game established, Johnson Jr. said it has been a big focal point in practice each week, especially when they go on the road. “It’s a huge thing.” It’s even more important coming off of last week.