Brian Hartline, Wide Receivers Talk Depth and Rotation of Wideout Room

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline and a handful of wide receivers met with the media on Tuesday. Hartline and Zone 6 talked about the

Here are the highlights of what was said. You can also watch clips from the interviews below.

Brian Hartline

+ He has a whole new perspective and he is learning from the best. “I’m surrounded by elite people and elite coaches.”

+ On Xaiver Johnson being the Block 0, Hartline said he could not think of a better person to receive that. He impacts every room he is in. “Can’t say enough about the gentleman.” Stats are one thing, they come and go, but the way you make people feel and help them grow, they remember forever. They see that with Johnson day in and day out.

+ On the depth, Hartline said he is very please but he doesn’t have a number. He is excited to watch the whole group grow and mature over the season.

+ Carnell Tate has done a great job. As a football player he is very mature. His ability to take meetings to the field, correct mistakes, hold himself accountable, and give answers as to why he does something shows a lot of intentional work which is important. He has had a lot of adversity. He is going to play meaningful reps and his peers know that.

+ Brandon Inniss doesn’t have a lag even though he wasn’t at Ohio State in the spring. “He’s going to help us a lot this year.”

+ Julian Fleming has grown a lot as a leader. His mechanics have increased and he has continued to grow with his talent.

Marvin Harrison Jr. 

+  Freshman Carnell Tate is special. He is at a better point than Harrison Jr. was last year even for his sophomore year. “I think he can be one of the best receivers to ever come through Ohio State.”

+ He gives a lot of credit to Brian Hartline for the development of the receivers but the 7 on 7s at high school has really helped polish the young receivers.

+ On playing with two quarterbacks, Harrison Jr. said he trusts Coach Day to make the decision, he is just a receiver and wants to make plays and he trusts Day’s decision. “I’m all for it.” Both quarterbacks have the arm talent to make the throws needed.

Emeka Egbuka

+ The receivers have 100 percent confidence in both of the quarterbacks. “Ohio State always has great quarterbacks.” He is excited to grow with whoever the quarterback is throughout the season. “We have maximum confidence in both Kyle [McCord] and Devin [Brown].

+ On a healthy Emeka Egbuka, “we’re going to see this year.” Egbuka said he is staying on top of his body to be as healthy as possible but with football there are always going to be some bumps and bruises. He had some surgeries on the offseason on things that were nagging and frustrating to feel with but he did it and feels good now.

+ Bryson Rodgers is a smaller player but he will build his strength up. He is quick and shifty. They have a Michael Thomas board that tracks their targets and catches and he has a 90 percent, the highest Egbuka has seen since he has been here. Brandon Innis has picked up the offense extremely fast and he’s a huge playmaker, he’s strong and confident, and just balls.

Julian Fleming 

+ He has two bionic shoulders from two labrum surgeries. But he feels great right now and feels like it has been a blessing so far. He would say his career has been rocky, he has dislocated his shoulders multiple times, but his career has still been great, he grew from the adversity. He has a no excuse mentality.

+ There was a big learning curve but he feels confident now with where he’s at. His leadership has also grown as he is now an older player in the room and before, his injuries were holding him back from stepping into that role. The adversity he faced has helped him grow and with things not always going his way, he’s a stronger person mentally.

+ He’s been focused on his health, taking care of his body, and getting all of the extra work he can to be available.

+ On working with the quarterbacks, Fleming said both quarterbacks are going to do really well. It’s hard to follow C.J. Stroud but they are both going to be first round draft picks in the future and he loves them both. Coach Day will make a great decision regardless, nobody is going to question that, even if they both play. “I’m excited for both of them.”

+ On the young receivers, Fleming said there’s no days off in the receiver room. Everybody comes in ready to work and ready to take somebody’s spot. The expectations were here before he arrived. “They want to come in and make every single play.”

+ When he is at his best, he is big and physical. Size and speed have always been his biggest advantages but he wants to come out and be a playmaker.

Photo via Ohio State Dept. of Athletics. 

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