Ohio State Fall Camp Updates From Keenan Bailey and Tight Ends

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State tight ends coach Keenan Bailey and a handful of members of the tight end unit met with the media on Wednesday as a part of fall camp media days.

Here are the highlights of what was said. You can also watch clips from the interviews below.

Keenan Bailey

+ Bennett Christian can’t play on Saturday’s but he can every other day. With the way he’s playing, “you wouldn’t know he wasn’t going to play on Saturday’s.”

Joe Royer

+ He got a taste last year when Gee Scott Jr. was banged up what playing in games was like and he wants more of it.

+ Cade Stover is a great role model for everyone on the team. He’s the hardest worker on the team and does everything right.

+ After losing his mom, he wasn’t ‘in it’ for a while and wasn’t sure if he could go through the season. It has been tough, it was a tough year for him, but he had a great support system around him.

+ He feels he can add value down field as a tight end. One of his strong suits is blocking around the perimeter and in space, but blocking at the line is coming along. He is focused on improving his pass protection.

Gee Scott Jr. 

+ He has been trying to be the best version of himself daily. He took the mindset as winning each day and not looking too far ahead.

+ On his role this season, Scott Jr. said it;’s easy to look ahead and look at expectations but he’s right where his feet are at and will continue to show up and give everything that he has.

+ The best version of himself means that’s he never quite there but it’s about getting his mind, body, and soul together as one unit. He took a big step in his faith and feels great, even when going through hard days. “Everything is happening for a reason.”

Cade Stover 

+ He is growing up all of the time, mentally and maturity wise. On the field it allows the game to slow down for him.

+ He feels like he is in the best shape of his life. This offseason he cut down 8-9 lbs and ran with the skill players and consistently ran to make sure he was in the best shape as possible to do whatever they need to, as many times as they need him to do it.

+ On the state of the team right now, “we’ve got a lot of good people on the team.” Everybody on this team understands their role. The defense is very talented and skilled.

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